26 April 2012

The 1st Time to Simpang Mengayau

Yes, it is the 1st time for our lil' son visiting the Tip of Borneo which is in Simpang Mengayau, Kudat. And it's the 4th time for me. I've been meaning to bring him there since last year, but obviously the weather didn't allowed me to do so. And weekend is only the best time to go there.

Well, about 2 weeks ago, we managed to bring him there. The spectacular view in Simpang Mengayau still amazed me just like before. The deep blue sea and wonderful sky view really amazing. I heart this place. Forget about the hot weather. Use a cap or umbrella when you go there, as the view is really nice on a hot weather.. :P

But for us, since we brought Gabriel with us, it was a bit difficult. Poor Gabriel, have to bear the heat. He such a really strong boy. He still can smile and playing during the hot weather, and of course we were at shades area and we used umbrella too.. ;)

It took 45 minutes to reached Simpang Mengayau from Bandar Kudat. I noticed the road heading to Simpang Mengayau is not gravel anymore, except there's a slight unlevel and tiny pavement damage. But, it's still ok. You can reached there even you use 'Kancil' hehe..

Okay, as usual let the pictures do the talking ;)

 Look at the blue sea..

 Simply beautiful! I heart the skies..

 The Daddy and Son moment..:)

 The Mommy and Son moment. 
Look at Gabriel, despite the hot weather he can still smiling ;)

 Gabriel touched down the Simpang Mengayau land ;)

 Really hot weather. But look at the sea behind us, really blue!

 And finally, I love this pic. A happy face of a naughty little boy..haha!

Okay, that's it for today. For those who haven't visit this place, I recommend you to do so. Visit this place and take a lot of pics. :)

To know more about Simpang Mengayau, click HERE.

Take care.


  1. cute ba c baby Gabriel ni..pandai snyum depan camera sdh. and yes simpang mengayau still amaze me too by only looking at this pictures. :) lama sdh x jalan2 sana ni..

    1. iya..pandai tu klu kena bw main hihihi..
      ba, nxt time p lg ;)

  2. That's Daddy boy!! Give me 5 Gab!! ^_^.v.. he he he.. Copy paste muka bapa kan.. :p.. ^_^.v.. Sa masi teingat tu panas sana.. pigi sana dulu petang2 pun, gila panas ni.. ho ho ho.. :D

    1. fotostate muka daddy dia ka Aki..haha..
      ya mmg panas ni sana..

  3. Memang ini tempat cantik..sangat cantik. :)

  4. Cantik owh sana kan..Bila la sia dpt p sana ni!! Hmm.. Agree2.. Mmg muka dady dia! Hehhehe..

    1. boleh plan sama family p sana Just. kamu stay d marina resort, kudat ;)
      hmm..mcm muka daddy ka si Gabriel.. x apa..ok la tu hihi

  5. Really a nice family bonding! :)

    1. Thanks! And thanks for visiting here too ;)


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