15 December 2009

A Week Ago..

Just arrived from vacation a week ago. Indeed it was fun. It’s not only just because about the vacation, it’s about spending time with the family. There were 7 of us during the vacation and people said the more you spend time with your family members, the more closed you are to them. I think this is true. Something that you can’t bought or sold..happiness and spending time with your family.. Yes, it was fun..we put ourselves in that relaxing state, however there were once which we felt so tired too when my mom was really eager with her shopping. She did all the shopping and of course we were the one who have to wait for her. And for the entire of my life, I never saw her shopped like that in KL..Maybe that’s one way to release some pressure from her ordinary work in office.. I think so..hehe

Apart from that, our journey to Genting Highland from Bukit Bintang went well. We went there by a small bus. We booked a van actually, but the driver drove that small bus because he picked up some tourist too before that. Maybe quite a number of tourist.. Upon arrived at Genting Highland as well at the First World Hotel lobby, as usual there were a lot of people waiting for hotel check in. We used the self check in kiosk and it’s faster than I imagine because you don’t have to wait so long to get your room number /room key from the check in counter since you don’t have to wait for your queue up number been called to do so. We booked 3 rooms, one for my parents, one for my siblings, and me and hubby for a room. We were in relaxing state at this time because no more walked around too much for shopping hehe.. just walking here and there to play the games at the indoor park.

We were so disappointed since we can’t go around and play at the outdoor theme park due to the bad weather. Fogs, raining and windy..the outdoor theme park were closed. Fortunately we didn’t buy the outdoor tickets that morning, because the weather was so bad for the whole day. But too bad we can’t play at the outdoor park. My youngest sister age 11 years was really disappointed. She really wants to feel the excitement at the outdoor theme park. I think it was bad idea to do a vacation for Genting Highland in the month of December. I confronted her to go there again next year. Perhaps in the middle year maybe.. We went for indoor games and entered the Ripley’s Believe or Not Museum.

more pics in http://ardell-photos.blogspot.com/

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