21 September 2012

Phuket Vacation: Day 3 (Part 1)- Phi Phi Island

This Day 3 of our vacation in Phuket would be about our tour to Phi Phi Island. Just like James Bond Island, you could see the amazing view of the sea, beaches and the island itself. 

This Phi Phi Island tour includes Maya Bay and Khai Island. Maya Bay is a place where the movie 'The Beach' starred by Leonardo d'Caprio was filmed. The view was really amazing. What a beautiful God creation. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay for a long time here. We were given only 30 minutes time to view the surrounding. We didn't even manage to swim or snorkeling here.

Meanwhile Khai Island was our last destination. We were relaxing there for about 2 and half hours. The weather was too hot. I put on a lot of sunblock, but my skin still burnt the time we went back to hotel. But hey, forget about sunburn, enjoy to the fullest first..haha!

In between Maya Bay and Khai Island, we passed Phi Phi Lay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave for sightseeing. The scenery indeed was very beautiful, we took a lot of pictures. :)

We even stopped by at Monkey Beach where a lot of monkeys residing there waiting for tourists to give food. Yes, you will be given a chance to feed those monkeys, or even take photos with them.

I guess these monkeys are lucky enough. They don't have to find for food, tourists will come everyday to feed them. As for me I didn't even dare to go down at that Monkey Beach to feed those monkeys. They look like scary. What if they gone crazy and pull my hair?.. LOL Imagination gone wild. Haha macam2 ja fikiran sya masa tu.. :P

The boat also stopped by at Phi Phi Don. We were given plenty of time to relax here. Buffet lunch also were served here. You don't have to pay for the lunch. It's included in the tour fee. We paid 3700bath (for both us) for this tour. Quite expensive, but never mind. The experience is that count.. hehe 

And oh ya the cost inclusives two way transfer by minibus, snorkel and life jacket, lunch, soft-drinks and tour guide. Flippers not included. If you want to use flippers, rent it right before you board on boat at 100bath per pair.

Please scroll down for some pictures. :D

We at Maya Bay, a place where the movie 'The Beach' starred by Leonardo d'Caprio was filmed in the year 1999.

The view of Maya Bay. Fantastic! You have to climb up stairs before you can see this view. This scenery located at the other side of the island.

Trip2 jadi model pantai dulu kejap..LOL  I'm in love with that white sandy beach :)

Another side of Maya Bay. Stunning! I heart those emerald green water..

View from the boat..

And now, here is at Phi Phi Don where we took our buffet lunch. White sandy beach with amazing view. Those limestone hills really caught my attention.

Lunch of the day :)

Tom Yum Soup. I love their tom yum soup. Sedaaaaap betul! You cannot find the taste any in Sabah.:)

After we had our lunch, we then took our time relaxing and walking along the Phi Phi Don beach and suddenly we stumbled onto this 'free show'.. *wink-wink* haha.. :P

Okay, ready for snorkeling!. Heading to Phi Phi Lay.

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Lay. You have to wear flippers here because there's a lot of sea urchin under the water.

And now heading to Khai Island. We were given 2 hours and 30 minutes time relaxing here. It's only a small island with small beach. Nothing much to do here, just relaxing and enjoy the view. Crowded with beach chairs and huts. On a peak season could be crowded with tourists.

Okay, relax-relax dulu before go for swimming and snorkeling hehe

What a hot weather.. Hubby is drinking that cold blue cocktail drink. :)

Perfect for the hot weather! :)

Hi! Excited to swim and snorkel.

End up with nothing to snorkel around. I guess it is because too many boats and tourists came here everyday that the coral now wiped out. The water also not too clear anymore. More likely polluted with sands. A bit of disappointment there.

Here is the view at the back side of the Khai Island. 

There's a freelance photographer waiting at the shore taking picture of people that getting off from the boat. They printed the picture and put it in a nice frame. They sell it at 300bath. We bought ours as a souvenir.

It was a wonderful experience. I am sure Phi Phi Island gonna be in your list once you decided to visit Phuket. Phi Phi Island is a must place to go. 

Bring along your swimwear, shorts & light t-Shirt, beach towel, sunblock(is a must), sun cap, sunglasses and camera. :)

And this trips to Phi Phi Island are not recommended for pregnant ladies, children under 1 year of age and people who suffering from any medical or physical disability. Unnecessary belongings or valuable things are not recommended to bring along during the trip because the tour company will not take responsibilities for any loss or damage.

Till then, see you in my next post. It would be about the Phuket Fantasea. :)

Take care.

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  1. Siok!! siap ada free show lg! hahaah... tp itu maya bay pnya scene santik owh! the souvenir pun worth it!

    1. Ter-culture shock sya sikijap nampak tu 'free show'..haha.. Kalau ada si Aki, suka kali dia nampak tu 'free show' tu..LOL

  2. si Aki memang suka saja kalau free show tu.. tapi teda effek la.. hahaha.. :D.. Hm, sikit belanggar post, nasib sa tia jadi post ni ari, bsuk baru sa post pasal Phi Phi Island.. he he he.. bagus oh ko hafal semua yang dia cakap, saya, teda, sibuk sa bcrta2 sama tu Sumandak2.. Hahahaha...

    1. haha.. teda efek aa Aki..macam biasa suda tu..aiseh hehehe :P
      Terpaksa kunun mo ingat balik..ada ingat sikit2 ja tu..Yg lain2 sya refer balik d broshure :)

  3. Hey Stella, those shots are really very well taken! Thks for taking us around the tour :)

  4. Soooooo blueeeeeee...... Cantik the sea... :)

  5. punya cantik tu pulau air biru kehijauan ni..eee siok betul mata memandang

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  8. Hi stella...jam brapa gia pulang klo p tour phi phi...sampai phuket mlm ka? Tq

    1. hi there,
      petang gitu pulang phuket. tidak juga sampai mlm tu :)


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