28 September 2012

This is How I got My New Passion.

This is how I got my new passion.
A warm support by friends.
Indeed I'm very blessed to have such supportive friends. :)
Okay let me mention their names, Felix Jaimin, Vera Peter, Avila Edwin and Arlene Andrew.

And not forget to dear hubby too. 
See his comment towards the end of FB conversations below. :P

Thanks a lot friends! And hubby too :)
GOD bless all of you.

Did you notice that one of them is our blogger friend?.. Yes, she is Vera Peter from The Kokol's Princess Story.

She gave me a recipe of a steamed chocolate moist cake. I know she loves baking and she really use to bake for friends and family and even there are customers ordered cakes from her.

My first cake is Chocolate Moist Cake, and I got recipe from Ms Vera Peter. Thanks a lot girl . Seems like i owe you so much. I guess I'll remember you for the whole of my life hehe..

And you know, once I bake a cake it seems like it's addicting. I want to explore more about cakes..haha! 
Oh ya, do you remember I'm a dessert lover?.. 
Now, it matches with this new passion. :)
And for your info, baking is NOT that HARD. It's FUN. :D

I have this dream that I'll bake a cake for my dear son once he reaches his 2 years old birthday. 
Long way to go. Wish me LUCK. :)

And of course, I want to bake for CHRISTMAS DAY too..hehe. 
I'm excited. It's 87 days to Christmas Day! :D

Okay, that's it for now.
God bless every one of you.

p/s: What is your new passion?.. 
Share with me. 
I'm gonna hop to your blog to know more about it.:D


  1. Yeay!!! Welcome to the club nanti next year ko buli bake cake for Gabby and yours too :)

    1. iya hehehe..:) TQ vera..ko la duluan bg sya recipe tu..trus sya jatuh cinta sama baking hehehe

  2. Saya ada try buat kek coklat, kek pisang sama marble cake ja..yang simple2 ja...

  3. kalau sia kena bg recipe pun blm tentu sia dpt buat. hahahah.. "tgn bangku"! waakakak.. nyway, ok ba tu ada new passion. mana tau buli develop and improve.. buli la trima order! yeehaaa.. :)

    1. adeh, bagus jg kalau gitu dpt terima order kunun hehehe

  4. mau minta buat kek coklat buli kah hehe

  5. best oo! I wish I have time for new passion :(

  6. I've yet to add baking into my hobby list..... No pix of the cake? Must be yummy!

    1. will post it soon hehehe.. i think i posted it the latest Wordless Wednesday hehe

  7. Hahaa I don't have a new passion but do have an all time passion la which is photography. I might now have a DSLR yet but my phone will do just fine. The only drawback is that I can't zoom far enough.

    :) Happy Monday, Stella!

    1. Ba bulih2 la beli tu arms.. kasi gilap itu minat :)


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