09 October 2012

The Good News :)

Wow, it's been a while. I didn't have that opportunity to post some entry in this blog for about more than 10 days. I've been so busy. A lot of things happened lately. Plus with our little boy always wants to get attentions over me. I didn't get that chances to write a post even for a second. No, i don't blame all those things. I feel blessed. All are good things. Nothing to blame on about.

Nevertheless, i miss blogging and blog-hopping. I am still have that spirit to write. No, i would never ever abandon this blog.. ever. :)

Things change over times. And so are people. I would say i feel blessed that our prayer has finally answered. 

Thank you GOD for everything. We always want this. Waited for it for almost 5 years. 

Certainly GOD granted us this in His only time. Not at ours time. Thing happens certainly for a reason. Thank you again GOD.

This week would be our last week in Kudat. My beloved hubby application to transfer to KK is finally approved. :)

In the meantime, we're really busy with things here and there. We need to organize things, back to our house in KK. It's quite rushing though because hubby only was given 2 weeks to settle things here in Kudat.

Well, what would I say? Moving is really hard, with all those packing and carrying furniture. But I am really glad that finally we will move to KK. :)

That's it for now.
Take care. :)


  1. I'm sure the feeling is wonderful. Happiness is everything. Thks for sharing & happy blogging!

  2. Welcome back to KK moi..heheh..Take care ya...

  3. Waa blessed good news oh hehe baguslah kan..

  4. After 5yrs??!!! Good news indeed! So happy for u and family. Bila la my turn ni?? Bagus2 sdh plan this yr.. hmm.. kalau sdh postpone, susah sikit sdh ni.. abis anak2 pun mau start schooling sdh kan. bkn sinang mau urus pindah2 school ni.. hmm..

    1. Yes, hubby sya mau 5 yrs suda sini..sya baru 1 yr plus hehehe.
      Betul oh, klu suda start sikul, bnyk benda mo urus tu

  5. nah kan bagus la kan stelle dapat balik d kk suda..dapat kumpul selalu suda sama family kan

  6. Wah! Balik KK suda. Hopefully kita bulih berjumpa suda. hehe!

  7. Oh kamu di Kudat pulak all this while I thought you guys are already living in KK heheh..anyways that is good news and Happy moving to you both hope you guys get settled back in KK in no time, all the best!


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