12 October 2012

Facebook Page: A Paint of Life

It was hard for me to make this decision. 
 I took an effort to think a lot about this before deciding to create a Facebook Page. 

With the support and encouragement from hubby and friends, 
I finally decided to create Facebook Page for A Paint of Life

 Feel free to like this page (if you really following this blog). 
 I might post the latest entry of this blog on the the page wall. 

Thank you for your support.
 I really appreciate it.
 GOD bless you.


  1. Wow you are so brave!I'm still oblivious to this things on facebook and bloging together in other words, I dont know anything how to incorporate both but anyhow, bravo for your effort Stella!

    1. Thanks gurl. Ini la kunun effort sya ni supaya sya keep on blogging :)

  2. suda like moi..mesti follow ni tp mlas tul bah mo blog nowadays ni..

    1. nanti ada mood balik jg tu moi.. Thanks aa :)


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