24 June 2015

4.3 Scale of Tremor

It was 5.33pm yesterday when i was lying on the bed to have a rest and suddenly i saw the ceiling moving and later i felt the whole house was moving too.

I thought i was dizzy and tired. But hubby suddenly stressed out " gempa bumi, gempa bumi..! " oh my, it was scary moment because i thought the tremors would last long. It was like 3-5 seconds, i can't recalled but it was quite that long.

And later i found out that the tremor was in 4.3 scale. Posted in Meteorology page on Facebook that it was 4.3 scale of tremor. Most of friends in KK, Tanjung Aru and Putatan also felt the tremors.

This was the 2nd tremor i have experienced after the first one in 5th June 2015. I didn't encountered any of those aftershock tremors though it was stated nearly 90 aftershocks ever since the first one.

Let us pray for the safety of our people in Sabah. Pray for Sabah, Pray for Ranau. 


  1. Huh.. Scary kan.. Sa bedebar2 o time tu takut greater tremors hit ni.. Huh

  2. Oh my.. I can almost imagine the terror.pray for Sabah. Take care ya

  3. Oh no. I can almost imagine ur fear. Lord have mercy .. Take care ya

  4. Amen.. Together we pray for the safety of people in Sabah


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