25 June 2015

Won't Be the Same Anymore

On our way home from Ranau to Kota Kinabalu last week, we get to see the latest view of our one and only the Majestic Mount Kinabalu.

I was saddened by the current view of our Mount Kinabalu which we used to be proud of. Ever since the 5th June earthquake incident followed by the aftershock tremors, the mountain appearance now has changed.

These were the pics i took on last Thursday on our way to KK. To be frank, i was really sad to see these. Our Mount Kinabalu now won't be the same anymore after the 5th June incident. 

Most of the side of the mountain now bare without trees that used to cover it. They were pulled off by the landslide after the heavy rain and affected by the tremors as well. Boulders that fell from the top of the mountain playing their roles as well to contribute such view. I hope our Mount Kinabalu would recover soon but with the tremors that are still on going now, it is difficult to say.

And good news to the climber enthusias, new trails would be created soon. In fact, all the mountain guides now starting to do their part to create new trails because the previous trails has been damaged by the boulders.

But we must aware unless it is officially safe for the climbers then it may be opened for the public. I think it would be risky now cause we can't predict the tremors, right? All in the hands of God. Amen. 

So closed yet so far. It looks huge from this part of road. Eventhough with such effect of landslides, it is still amazing. Honestly, i'm still amaze with this God creation. I'm so proud and grateful to be born in Sabah. 

You still could see the landslide marks from this far. Not really a nice view anymore but it reminds us of what a natural disaster could do to the surroundings and this would always be in the mind of people in Sabah. Indeed it was a tragic event that took 18 lives without warnings and any hints.

Please pray for the safety of people in Sabah. God bless Sabah. God bless Malaysia. 


  1. memang tidak sama sudah kan..banyak luka sana sini sudah si kinabalu. BTW, saya dengar di berita kemarin, bulan 9 ni buka sudah semula untuk pendakian tapi kena reduce sudah tu jumlah pendaki. pigi 90 orang sekali naik.

  2. God Bless our dearest Sabah and the people.

  3. T.T I know everything happen for a reason but I still feel sad because I was supposed to climb Mt Kinabalu (for the 1st time) by this October but cancelled due to the earthquake. Even dapat climb in future, everything won't be the same again.

    1. Oh i feel you.. Must be ada reason ni..
      Mcm ada trauma suda bah kan people of Sabab pasal ni earthquake


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