10 March 2015

It's Tuesday and I'm now 15 Weeks 3 days

Hi dear readers,

Thanks for still taking your time to visit my humble blog. It's Tuesday and i am sure most of us must be looking forward for weekend right?.. The days where we spend quality time with family.

To be honest, I always looking forward for Friday because hubby will be back to KK every Friday. Luckily for this week he'll be working in KK for the whole week because he has to attend some meetings and to entertain patients. Praise to God. :)

So today i'm in 15 weeks 3 days preggy.  Oh i can't wait this baby to be fully grown in my belly.

I'm excited and hubby as well. To tell you about my experience for this second pregnancy, of course there are slightly different compared to my pregnancy in 2011. 

This is actually my 3rd pregnancy. My 1st pregnancy was somewhere in 2008 but God loves her more. She went home to God's house on 20th Dec 2008. Aww it's a long story, I'll try to fit in some time to blog about it later.

I had severe morning sickness when i was carrying Gabriel in my womb for about 8 months in 2011 and the first and second trimester were the worst. I cried everyday cause i can't take any food, I'll vomit and lying on the bed all day. I felt so weak and I even vomit at 2-4am. Oh my, i think those were the horrible days of my life..

For this pregnancy, I had morning sickness too on the first trimester. The first 2 months was quite severe too. But later i found out that i can't take any oily food, stir fry food and all those meals that contain spices, so i tried to avoid all these food and amazingly my nausea becoming slowly to cool down. 

However, the things that are new for me with this pregnancy is i had bloated tummy, the sensation of heartburn, i had problem with my digestion system and constipation.

And one fine day hubby advised me to practice Yoga. I didn't practice Yoga for the first 7 weeks due to morning sickness. My body was so weak that i lie on bed most of the time. I goggled for yoga for bloating pregnancy and found this site; Beat Bloat with Yoga.

It was amazing how these Yoga poses had worked wonders to all those problems i mentioned above. Thanks to hubby for reminding me to continue practicing Yoga. The moment i practice Yoga and the breathing technique, it restores my energy and improves my digestion. The bloated belly and constipation are now less problem to me. So, those who want to get rid with bloated tummy, constipation or having digestion problem (whether you are pregnant or not ) you can practice all those Yoga poses from the site i mentioned in the previous paragraph. 

Ok, that is all for now. Thanks for visiting here. Now i'm sharing with you my ultrasound scan during my 13 weeks pregnancy.

Aren't these cute?..  :)

See you again in my next post. Till then, have a great week ahead. GOD bless. :)


  1. Cute tu lil boss resting dlm ur tummy kn stelle.. bh enjoy ur pregnancy..update more kio...

    1. Y bah beaty, kiut ni... Aktif ni banyak berguyang masa ni. Kaki sama tangan melambai-lambai.. :)
      Thanks for visiting here kio Beaty.. :) Will do update again.. :)

    2. Alooo stella...
      Wahhh...cute ohhh tu picture... keajaiban
      yg sangat besar...congrats again 2 u n hubby kio...๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

    3. Hi Miss ling,
      Thanks for visiting here.. Ya keajaiban besar. Praise to God.. :)
      Thanks again :)

  2. Stella, kembar ka?? Siok kan.. sy rsa mcm 1st time pregnant pl sbb lambat ba bru sy dpt yg 2nd ni..hhuhuh...

    1. Hi Fara,
      Haha i wish kembar.. Tapi dua gmbr bah ni kena gabung.. :)
      Ya different pregnancy, different dia punya pengalaman kan. Nah tidak lama lagi ko deliver tu. Smooth delivery. Take care :)

  3. Oo baru tau psl 1st pregnancy tu hehe...aaww cutenya tu si kici kena scan hihi ba takecare kio ;)

    1. Ya michelle, sya blm pernah blog pasal my first pregnancy kan.. :)
      Ya si kici akyif guyang2 tu tgn sama kaki time kena scan ni :)

  4. Stella! congrats ah on ur pregnancy. soon gabriel akan ada adik suda. siok oh being pregnant..aii macam sa rindu saja ni...ahahaha...ba, enjoy ur pregnancy kio.. pssst, sa selalu suda nampak ko d cmi tp sa malu mo tegur ..hehe...

    1. Thanks moi.. Aih ya ka?.. Ko pun di cmi ka hihi

  5. I always love to see u/s picture of the baby inside the womb...so cute! I can't wait to see mine soon!:)

  6. Iya tp still early la heheh...:)

  7. Wow! It's amazing when I think about having another human in your body. I hope my turn will come soon. Pray for me! :D

    Btw, hi! It's me, Angel :)

  8. rindu sy tu gmbr scan baby owhh... take care kio stel!

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