04 September 2015

Gabriel 1st Day at School

On last Monday, 1st September 2015 was the 1st day our Gabriel went to kindergarten at Tadika Kasih Bonda St Benedict, Ranau. He was afraid at first, trying to find us while we sneak on him from the school's office. He was crying but not for so long.

I was crying, my heart was breaking to see he's crying but i was firm to let he learn about it. I know he is a strong boy. Sooner or later he will learn to be independent and growing up to a brave boy. Gabriel is a very special boy for us. Though he is delay in his speech but i have faith in God that one day he will become a very talkative boy and i know for sure that God had His own plan to our beloved boy. 

The Sister trying to comforts Gabriel during breakfast time. He doesn't want to eat. Maybe because this is his first time and not used to it. After few attempts, Gabriel managed to calm down and ate his breakfast. Good job Sister! :)

I stayed at the school's canteen the whole day to see his progress at school. The thing that worrying me the most is that how would he tell the teachers when he wants to pee. I had potty train him for 4 weeks now and he is doing very find. Because i am his mother and staying with him at home for 24 hours, i know how and when exactly he wants to pee or poo. He would stand in front of me or pull my hand trying to let me know something and that is his way to tell me that he wants to pee. 

And this is very new to him when at class. But i hope teacher will cope with this and Gabriel too. I prayed for the best and may Gabriel learns a new thing everyday.


  1. Awww.. I am sure Gabby boy will be one talkative boy. By then, u will pening mo layan all his chitchatting.

    Any mothers would cry when they send their kids to school, especially the first one. I know I would! Hehehe.. But I am sure ur son will do just fine and mingle well with his classmates.. Tengok gambar pun tau. Ehe

    Eh Stella. How come I don't see u in Instagram d? Kind of missing u in action. Everything well on yr side?

  2. Good job gabriel!
    How are you stella?

  3. Hi Stel. Lama teda kabar. D ranau sdh pula kamu? Bikin kesian kan tgk anak nangis msk kelas? Huhuhu... Mcm x sanggup mau kasi tinggal. Tp, ok jg tu lama2. Ada sy nmpk satu mamy ni kan, dia htr seja anak dia msk kelas, terus cepat2 dia kluar siap pakai earphone lg. x sanggup mau dgr kali anak dia nangis. Nyway, take care kio..

  4. Wow cepat betul anak ko besar kan...now sekolah sdh ni...how are you Stell????

  5. Wow! just check all of your comments! I am so touched with your concerns and thanks for dropping by. I am fine and living to the fullest here in Ranau.

    Take care dear friends and God Bless :)

    1. Hi stella, glad to know u r alright. May God bless your family abundantly


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