05 October 2015

Gabriel 2nd day at school

Gabriel second day at school was a way better. I gave him a bottle of milk and his daddy bring him to pee at school's toilet before sending him to class. The fact that he was very excited to enter the class, makes me very happy. I bet every parent will feel the same. 

Thank God he was finally slowly getting use to go to school. He was excited with a lot of friends and of course there are toys in the class too. I was standing next to the door and when he arrived at his class, he straightly went into the class and played the toys.  

Gabriel with red neck shirt was really focus playing with the toy

He was really focus with the toys. He didn't care with mummy anymore 

I am definitely happy with the progress and hoping he'll learn more exciting things in class everyday. Prayer for my little boy may God bless him abundantly.


  1. Naaa kann.. ok sdh dia! Heheheh.. Makin pintar becakap sdh tu nnt.. Hihihihi

    1. ya happy sya dia suka pigi sekolah :)
      ya x sabar sya mau tgk dia lurus bercakap. skrg ni masih sikit2 saja ayat dia :)


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