06 October 2009


I am really feel so slow today..don’t know why..maybe it’s just because I slept at about 1.30 o’clock last night. But it’s not just today... I feel slow nowadays.. Nothing new here and there but at least I am very happy because dear one will be in KK by this evening. Actually I am getting tired and bored with the job now.. I’ve been given duty to do the calculations of slope quantities for the whole slope in Sabah.. There are nearly thousand of them...and can u BELIEVE I have to do it on my own.. Means I have to do it ALONE.. I’ve been working on this for about 4 weeks now.. There’s no one could help me because everybody seems busy with their own work. I feel very tired of all these because there’s a lot more work to come and I don’t know when will this end.. It feels that as I finished done one part, more part will come.. I keep thinking in positive side.. and keep motivating myself.. “ I know I can do it..It’s just the matter of time..Stella you can do it!!!..”

However, 2 days ago, when we were in meeting session, boss asked me to finish all them up in this few weeks.. “Oh my GOD.......!!!” that’s what really comes out from my heart... I don’t have the confidence to finish it up in that period of time.. Workload become more..but workforce is absolutely less.. Can you imagine there are only 3 engineers in the office..The project manager, senior engineer and graduate engineer (that’s me)..There are 2 new engineers just come joining the company.. Since my workload become increase, I would be happy to have them to help me..but it would take a lot of time to train them.. That is why sometime I feel that I prefer to do this alone, but somehow I need someone to help me.. Oh GOD pls help me how to solve this.. One of the new engineer really don’t know how to apply the AUTOCAD software and I have to teach him right from the basic.. aduiiii!!!.... and the other one is assigned to help the senior engineer..

I hope I can do this well.. as well as can complete it on time.. GOD pls help.. Please give me strength..

I am sure some of you out there been in this situation before.. really need some advice now and maybe we can share something from that experiences of yours.. =)

Till then, have a pleasant week..and Happy working.. =)


  1. hmm...nda pa tu.ajar sja kalau ada masa sama tu org baru, at least ajar buat yg plg byk mo buat tapi plg senang mo explain dlu...u can do it. :)

  2. Hi Stella, you just do what you can...no one person can do the impossible like what you doing.
    And your boss must be crazy if he thinks you can complete that assignment in the time he requested.
    Obviously he doesn't know his work or never visited the sites.

    You just stay easy. Don't get overheated or stressed...
    Best regards, Lee.

  3. keep the faith stella.
    ..caiyo2 :)

  4. hi claire,
    thanks..ya tu la..sya ajar juga tu org baru..kira ok jg la..dia blh tlg sya suda..hehe..Thanks GOD.

  5. Hi Uncle Lee,
    Thanks for visiting here.. :)Thanks for the advice.. absolutely the boss doesnt know all these.. The thing is he want all of them complete in time.

    Btw, thank GOD..i have a good assistant now.. and he help me well in this work.


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