20 October 2009

As Usual..

It’s Tuesday and as usual I can’t wait Friday..what a tired October I have.. Need to finish the whole work..Thank GOD, He gave me a good assistant.. Hopefully all this particular work will finish as soon as possible.. Possibly before November.. since I don’t want to have a busy month anymore, plus December also not far away.. I have plan with family on the first week of December.. We decided to go on a holiday..and I hope this one will be much a relaxing trip since I had enough with the stress over the office.. and.. Christmas also not so far away from now...yeay! So what I can do now is..wait..and see...carry on with my work.. till all is done..And for sure,I’m gonna buy myself with good reward... to pamper me and get some calmness moment..like I always do..
Oh my God, I can’t wait for that...please help me to face this present thing..

By the way, dear reader...have a wonderful week.. =)
GOD bless..


  1. Christmas will be here before you know it! Woohoo!! :-D

  2. Hahahha..you know what? I'm preparing the list of present gift for my family and partly finished to workout for the budget. I have a big family, so.. have to budget carefully too...hehhee. Cant wait for the Christmas.. I miss all those christmas carol song.. huhuu

  3. Gallivanter,

    yup true..hehe..Can't waitttt...

  4. Wah Alv..advance ko aa..ni patut di contohi ni..budget awal2..hehe..


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