21 April 2010

Finally I Did It !..

Finally I did it.. and this was my first time. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Why I took so long to proceed with this?.. That was because, i was really afraid that it might not suit me. I was really didn’t have the gut to go with it.

Last Saturday (17.4.2010), I went to a salon nearby my house. A history been made.. I finally let my straight hair gone.. I went for curly hairstyle for the 1st time.. I try to do some changes for this year.. mau tukar imej kunun..hihi .. Hubby said this suit me.. At first I felt weird to have this kind of hairstyle.. but now I'm getting use to it.. :D



Some of the comments I got on Facebook..
Thanks for the support... :D


  1. Hi Stella, nice new hair!

    Sa pun pernah curl juga dulu tapi sa x pandai jaga bah.. Haha!

  2. Hi Stella...

    I think the style looks good on you. Very chic! :)

  3. Hi Annie, ya mcm sya pernah nmpk pic d blog ko..ko pernah curl..lawa ba..:)

  4. Hi Lizee,

    Thanks for visiting here.. Thnks for the compliment.. I hope i pandai jaga ni rmbut..bnyk org ckp susa mo jaga..

  5. Cantik oo new hair style.. i like.. :)

  6. Hi, nice oh your hairstyle, it suits you... macam a lady sudah, dulu macam a student, hehehe.. just kidding... but honestly, it suits you.

  7. Richard: Thanks dear.. u jg yg suruh kan..hehe!

    Jann: Mom, now jd lady sdh aa..hehe..teda lg mcm student..hehee..

  8. Nancy... ya now lady sdh..haha!..:)

  9. Thanks Lorenza.. :)

    Jacynta..tingkiu tingkiu..:)


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