26 November 2011

3 Months Old

Baby Gabriel turned 3 months old yesterday. Time flies so fast. Feels like I just gave birth to him yesterday..

But I am so glad to see his progress. I guess this is the part where mothers enjoying so much.. Enjoying the development of their kids growing up. To see him growing up so fast; I don't want to miss a bit of it. I really love to see it before my eyes. The enjoyment and blissfulness you can't describe. 

Some people said, you'll become wise enough once you become a mother. You started to think about your baby's goodness, what is the best for him, to protect him and etc. These are the responsibility that you must to handle once you become a parent, in the hope of he will become the best in term of health and behaviour. In the hope that he will be the best son of yours when he is grown up.

Indeed the enjoyment and blissfulness being a mother you can't describe. Once you become a mother, then you'll know it. For the moment, I am enjoying motherhood so much; every part of it. :D

Meanwhile, baby Gabriel is now :-

- able to hold his head up by himself..:)

- can really watch and enjoy tv programme. He even smile and laughing while watching BBTV, Channel 611 and 610. His fav cartoon is Dinosaur Train..

- can laugh with loud out voice. So cute! I wish I can record it for you to watch.. :)

- able to talk with you (baby talk).. & grab your attention.. pandai bawa bercerita ba..hehe 

- able to touch and grab his toys, pacifier, bottle.. :D

- trying to feels things through his tongue. Habis jari tangan semua masuk mulut bah! hihi.. I guess this is a sign of teething.. :D

- able to response quickly when his daddy play with him.. :)

- able to show his emotion. Pandai marah2 suda..bkn nangis seja haha..funny!

So, this is the latest picture of baby Gabriel. :D

See, I told you.. his hand in his mouth already.. hehe

That's it for today. Have a blessed day ahead.. :D


  1. happy 3 months old baby gabriel! best oo dpt tgok baby mbesar dpn mata sendiri kn?:)

  2. i like see your baby
    he is cute...

    happy 3 months your old baby..


    please visit and follow me

  3. Happy right to see their progress. Sometime macam rasa dia growing up so fast. Now our Rusell sudah pandai panjat2 merajuk and marah kalau tukar TV channel...

  4. Shalom Stella... Hehehe.... Besar sudah baby ko... bulat lagi tu mata dia... Cepat o dia membesar... I'm doing well here Stella... How are you, Richard and your little staring? Hehe...

    Sorry for not able to come visit your blog and Richard for almost 2 month. I've just recently update my blog...

    if you don't mind, will you spend a moment of your time to sign this petition? Here is the link... http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/sabah-sarawak-rights.html . Please do let Richard now about it if possible... And one more thing... help me to spread this petition... For our future generation bah ni... Sorry for asking too much...

    Bah, keep in touch kio... Yeahhh... Send my regards to Richard kio... Have a blessed Sunday! Ohhh... Yeahhhh... 8-).

  5. Hi Stella.. Cute oh baby gabriel! :)

    Time sure flies fast, it was just like yesterday when you post about the birth of your handsome prince kan..
    Looking forward for my motherhood in near future. ;p

  6. Record a clip of him laughing la or talk... I bet a lot of us wanna see your 3 months laughing hard and have conversation in baby language hehee.

    Happy Monday, Stella.

  7. they really grow fast kn..

    kalu sia kn..sia rindu balik time si baby masih kici o..yg vulnerable lagi masih ni..sb skg..makin membesar..it makes ur heart goes..'awh....' kn..hehe

  8. Isabel:
    Thnks..ya best ooo..

    Spirit lion:
    Thnks! ;) will do..

    Ya, he is growing up so fast.. ;) hihi..kiut ur boy..

    Sihat2 ba kami bertiga hihi.. Ok will do.. Keep in touch ;)

    Ya, time flies so fast..looking forward for ur motherhood story ;)

    Ok will record it n post it out soon ;)

    Mmg cpt drg membesar.. Klu sya pula mo cpt2 dia besar, sbb time dia kecil yg masi fragile mcm takut sya mo dukung..n takut mo jaga gitu hihi..

  9. woahhh...besar suda ni c bb gab..inda sedar ni..dui mata dia kan meningu kamira..


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