05 September 2014

Gabriel is 3!

We celebrated our lil boy's birthday on last week (25th August 2014). It was just a simple celebration for the three of us. Since our family and friends far away in KK, so here were we, just the three of us.

Since our lil boy likes minion, i made a minion deco birthday cake for him. 

The moment he saw the cake, he wanted to pinch the minion's eyes..LOL

It is a chocolate moist flavour. Glad he ate the cake, though he is not so into cake.

How time flies... Our lil boy is 3 now. And soon he will enter school. I miss when he was a newborn but at the same time can't wait to see him as a big boy..Supaya boleh tolong mummy masak dan cuci piring di dapur hahaha

I am blessed to have such a lovely and sweet family.

Thank you God for this meaningful gift.

Thank you for Your guidances and blessings.

Please lead me and my family to a better path of life according to your way. Amen 

I pray may when Gabriel grown up, he will be a good man, a good citizen, respect the elders, keep in faith in Jesus Christ and loving to his parents. A good career in life,  generous and kindhearted. Amen ..

Thank you for reading here. Have a great day ahead.



  1. stella, cepat kan masa berlalu...ba, harap2 c gabriel pandai tulung ko di dapur nanti besar :) kiut oh tu minion kek. mesti sedap tu kan.....hihi

    1. Haha skijap abis tu kek. Biasa lah kan kalau minat choc moist cake hehe
      Ya cpt masa berlalu oh..bikin emo ni hehe

  2. Fero: Happy birthday gabby .. I am touched ..I wish mine too ..amen

  3. Happy birthday Gabriel!!
    Cumill tau tu kek....sayang mo dimakan hehe

  4. wah pixie cut sdh? naiseeee..... btw, happy belated birthday to your bundle of joy Gabriel!

  5. Besar suda c gabriel.. lama sia x blog-walking owh..


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