11 September 2014

Today, A Year Ago

Today, a year ago we inside a plane heading to the UK. 

I was nervous this time around because we were travelling for a long journey ( almost 13 hours) with our lil boy. He just entered 2 year old and the fact that he might get cranky to sit on a plane for long hours made me worry. 

Traveling with small kid might be challenging but great experience. I have one kid at the moment. Hat off to those parents out there who are traveling with more kids! :)

It was my first ever experience onboard as well for this long hours journey and to the place i have never been before. I can say it was exciting but at the same time i was trembling haha..

As i recalled back in the beginning of the journey, i must be grateful and Praise to God because our little boy didn't get cranky and he sleeps almost of the hours, because our flight from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow scheduled at midnight (Malaysia Time). 

He sleeps throughout the journey. He did wake up for about an hour though and fall asleep again. 

It was amazing experience, good memories and like a dream comes true. But not all journey are smooth. You might encounter few obstacles before reaching your destination. Furthermore, this was our first time, right?.. :)

I still remember the moment we reached at Heathrow Airport, we lost Gabriel's stroller haha. We have to walk all the way to the departure hall again to look for the stroller.

Another thing is the thorough checking at London airport before we get another plane to Manchester Airport, with Gabriel's bottle milk, medicine and 'bosou' ( Sabah traditional cuisine). I think i'd blogged this before. 

Trust me, you'll relieved when everything falls into place, and for that you'll never fail to be grateful, the things that God has guided you. Oh, it was really a great experience!

Well, what a coincident though. Today is exactly a year we travelled to the UK and there goes my #ThrowbackThursday as today is Thursday. :)

That is all for now. Thank you for visiting here.
God bless and have a great week ahead.



  1. Wahh tidak sedar oh kan genap 1 tahun sudah. Feels like yesterday sa cakap 'Wahhh! Siok oh!!' sbb ko berada di tempat yang santik. Haha. I am sure you have gained valuable experience made wonderful memories there. They say, you will see your country in a whole new way after coming back from another country. Satu bulan lagi ko sana kan. Ambil banyak2 gambar k. Kasi habis tu filem. hehe :)

    1. See the whole new way kan.. Betul tu kali...
      Ya penuh harddisk suda ni gmbr kamirang..thanks btw :)

  2. syiookkk... dreams come true oh kan stel.. ba,minta kirim ole2 magnet ah klu ko balik KK suda..haha..sempat lg pesanan penaja mah..

    1. Hahaha bah kalau sempat kio...
      Hahaha ok bah

  3. Alamak, this reminds me of my 'future'. Alone, independent and everything will be alien to me. Tapi Have faith in God bah kan sis...and also bertanang...tanang sadja ba. haha!

  4. Nda sedar kan 1 tahun sudah ko di uk ... :)

  5. Mcm baru ja kamu pigi sana kan Stel.. sdh mau pulang.. hehehe... 1 great year d sana.. Hihhii

  6. Setahun sudah pun cepatnya masa berlalu style rambut pun tukar sudahahaha

  7. How time flies bah nda lama lagi balik KK yay!

  8. How time flies! felt like only yesterday you posted photos in Ig of you guys reaching UK... enjoy the moment while it last.


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