24 September 2014

Grateful Tuesday, Cold Tuesday

I am extremely happy today! 

And very grateful that finally our boxes now carried out to be shipped. Two Msians came to our place around 2pm today to picked up those boxes out. They are from a shipping company owned by Msian which the headquater located in Manchester.

I'm thankful for a friend recommended me with this shipping company. Hopefully our things will arrived safely in KK in 2 months time. :)

Today,  the weather is getting cold. I barely forgot how it feels like to be struggling in cold weather last year. 

So today it comes again, i felt really lazy to do anything especially my yoga and workout routine. The cold weather also makes me hungry rapidly and i tend to eat more, drink a lot teas and coffees as well. 

So in the late afternoon, I took an effort to cook chicken soup for dinner. Mau minum sup panas2 bah supaya panas2 tu badan.

Chicken soup and iceberg lettuce with sardine only for dinner. Yes the soup absolutely helps with the warm in my body. I felt warm for about an hour and lepas tu sejuk balik huhu..

Need to drink a lot of warm water so that i'll keep warming my body. :)

And i am grateful too for the hubby extra rajin today haha! He prepared for me this healthy drink. I had this today for the 1st time.

It is honey diluted in water with green apple and lemon in it. The taste quite good. I prefer without green apple though.

Thank you visiting here.


  1. punya sadap tuna sup ayam :) sa pun mo buat tu healthy drinks, penting tu untuk detoxification..

  2. The chicken soup looks good! salivating here.. ehe

  3. Hello Stella,

    I've read your blog back to some years ago when you experienced anaemic problem during pregnancy. May I ask where did you get the Saferon? I've tried few pharmacies around kk, none of them have it.

    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Kalsum,
      Thanks for dropping by here. I got it somewhere in Lintas. There is a small pharmacy outlet but i forgot the name of the outlet already.

  4. Thanks so much. At least you narrowed it down to one place! :)


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