06 September 2014

Making My First Beanie

My 1st attempt to make a beanie for our lil boy.

I'm so happy to see the outcome. I mean this crochet thing, you must have a patience heart to see the end result.

I am into crochet lately. I'm still a very beginner in crochet world. This beanie, i learnt to make it from youtube. 

I find it is interesting. As a self learn crocheting, it might be quite tricky for the first time but as i familiar with the patterns and and the way to make the chains and double crochet, it's getting fun.

So what's your hobby lately? Any new fav thing to do on your free time?.. I will make this crochet once my lil boy taking his nap. He's seeking much attention from me when he is wide awake. Biasa lah bah kan budak2.. Minta perhatian saja..

Thanks for dropping by.

Have a great weekend.


  1. best oh ko kan..tingu youtube ja trus siap satu beanie. sa tingu youtube mcm complicated sa rasa ni. tp belum cuba blum tau la. haha. tunggu sa ada masa dulu la dan ada semangat :)

  2. sy jarang ber-youtube owh..

  3. kalau sya mo belajar sesuatu seja baru sya buka youtube Just hehe


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