15 July 2014

The North Wales Experience: The Beach House

We (hubby and I with our lil boy)  just came back from 2 nights trip to North Wales on last Friday. The journey took 1 hour via train from Chester station to Llandudno Station.

I'm so happy this time because Gabriel (our lil boy), is now getting used to travel around via train. Not like the first time we travel to Manchester City, where he cried out loud the moment we get inside the train. And as the train stop at any station he will cried too. I guess he's now getting used to it and he likes to sit near the window where he can view sceneries while the train is moving.

 Upon arriving at Llandudno Train Station.

We stayed at Beach House Bed and Breakfast Llandudno. The most comfortable guest house we ever stayed. The family room is so spacious and the price per night is affordable. We had fun and great experience. Especially the guest house, the beach side and country side. So calming and wish to visit here again.

The owner of the Beach House is so friendly and warm. I like her. She really understands the things we need especially travelling with lil kid. My experience staying at this guest house is wonderful. The room is very clean and comfortable to stay and complete with toileteris like shampoo and shower gel, towels, sweet treats for kids, mineral water, and hairdryer. Free WIFI available.

They served Welsh traditional breakfast, apart from toast and cereal. The breakfast area is so clean too and provided with baby chair. Unlike few of bed and breakfast we ever stayed in Chester and London, baby chair is not available. 

So here are few pics i want to share:-

In front of the Beach House

The Beach House. The guest house we stayed for 2 nights.

The Welsh Traditional breakfast

My lil boy and hubby during breakfast

The room. It is family room type at first floor.

The Bathroom

The whole bathroom floor is in carpet

As you can see the name of the guest house we stayed is the Beach House. Yes, it is located near the beach. You can see the beachside from the window. And it is so windy too. A lot of seagulls flying here and there. There's a lot of guest houses, resorts and apartments along the beach. And in the middle there is square which they called the Prince Edward Square. (i'll post more about this later in my next post).

The view from window. Gabriel really loves to stand near the window. He loves to see what is going on outside. What a calming view. Just like a painting.

That is all for now. If you happen to have vacation in Llandudno, North Wales, this guest house really recommended.  I love the clean and spacious room because as you tired of walking exploring the city for the whole day, and when you came back to your room, it never fails to make you calm and relax. 

That is all for now. Have a great week ahead. 
Stay tune for my next post about the beachside and Llandudno town. I may share some pics. 

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Take care.


  1. The bathroom bah, wowww...so comfy!

    1. Terkejut kami sis.. Full carpet bah.. And yes, comfy betul :)

    2. full carpet tu yg heran tu... hehehehe... buli tertdur kali d bathroom kan? Hahahahah

  2. How come it seems like you have a long awesome holiday, semua pun tourist attraction in your recent posts. Wakaka jk.

    That The Welsh Traditional breakfast seems like the perfect breakfast for me :)

  3. Hi Stella, how you doin'? Nice pics, you and family look great. You boy is big since last time I saw.
    Psssst, when you going to give him a baby sister or brother to play with.
    Glad to read of your holidays, and the beautiful scenes there.
    Have a great week, and keep a song in your heart.

  4. Stelle...punya lawa view sana kan.. mcm lukisan...yang c scene yang d luar time gabriel tingu d window tu really breathaking


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