31 January 2011

GoodBye January

It's the last day of January. How time flies so fast isn't. I thought we're still in the mood of new year 2011. But the fact is we will celebrating Chinese New Year in a few days. Well, for me nothing much to do today as well as this week. My colleagues start taking leave already and most of them will be on leave this week until next week. I didn't take any leave because i want to save my annual leaves..hehe..

Well, for this Chinese New Year celebration, i guess we don't go anywhere. Just stay at home, perhaps visiting my parents and parents in-law. My parents in-law also don't have any plans for the holiday. Meanwhile my parents are planning that my younger brother's birthday celebration will be conducted on the 1st day of CNY as most of us is on leave that day as it is public holiday. The exact date of his birthday is tomorrow which is 1st February. 

So, that's it. We will celebrating my bro's birthday on 1st day of CNY and  of course that would make our family to gather again of at the very 1st week of the month of February. 

That's it for now. 
How about you?.. Any plans for the holiday?.. I am sure you must have one. :)

Take care.

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  1. ...and welcome February, month of love~

    via Sabahan Bloggers Club.

  2. ada jg la plan tp sini kl seja ni teda p mana yg jauh2.. hotel semua fully booked sdh klu last minute pnya vacation... huhuhu..

  3. welkam february stel..
    n happy chinese new year..


  4. Ohhh very trueeee... time passes by so fast... :D

  5. welcome february....!makin banyak misi akan dilaksanakan..

  6. It's February now! And what will I do during the hols.. I'll be at my parents-in-law's and dunno yet what am I gonna do besides entertaining the guests there. Hehe.. Happy holidays Stel! And happy birthday in advanced for your bro..

  7. Welcome Feb..ahahhah kijap jua kan masa berlalu stelle

  8. Happy Chinese New year to you and family! Happy holiday too. :)

  9. Sabahan Bloggers Club:
    ya..welcome Feb..:)

    ya la betul tu.. kami pun sini ni ja kk..

    mr_mrs mikko:
    same to u..:)
    teda duit bg angpow hahaha

  10. CathJ:
    Ya..true kan..capat tua laini..hehe

    apa misi itu aa?..hehe

    I see.. ur hubby side must be celebrating CNY kan..:)

  11. Beaty:
    Ya betul..kijap ja..

    TQ..happy holiday :)

  12. February to me is just like jan, march, and so on..hehehe...anyway hapy CNY....enjoy yourself..:)


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