19 January 2011

Lose Weight By Eating Ice Cream??

Hot new research reveals that ice cream, when eaten as part of a healthy diet, may actually melt away fat, helping you lose weight quicker than if you abstained! Plus a dish a day helps you get healthier in other ways according to Marsha Hudnall's book, THE ICE CREAM DIET.
But before you head out for a couple of gallons of ice cream remember that too much can find it's way to the hips, belly and other unwanted places.

One of the key benefits of ice cream is that it may satisfy your cravings better than any other food. "When we tell ourselves we can't have something, we immediately focus our attention on what's forbidden, which increases our desire and chances of losing control," says Marsha Hudnall, RD, of Green Mountain at Fox Run, a "non-diet" weight control spa.

A key benefit of ice cream is the calcium it provides. Only 4% of women over 50 meet the daily 1,200 mg goal. The average female calcium intake is only 652 mg. Less than one third of men reach these same goals.

Calcium is also ice cream's "secret" slim down ingredient. In a recent study, overweight people who took a calcium supplement lost 38% more body fat than those who ate the same reduced-calorie diet without the supplement.

How does calcium help you lose? A diet low in calcium shuts down your body's fat burning ability, say experts. When your body doesn't get enough calcium, it triggers fat cells to store fat and get bigger.

So, how much ice cream is "reasonable?" The guideline is a one-half cup serving of no more than 125 calories. My personal favorite is Bryers No Sugar Added Vanilla. It has only 120 calories per 1/2 cup and the flavor reminds me of the "good old days" when we took turns cranking the six quart ice cream freezer full of moms special recipe. Ummm good.

Stella says: 
Wow!..it's a good news for me..haha.. I love ice-cream.. Don't you?
Never heard of that ice-cream can melt away body fat.. and of course we should take it in moderation amount to show the lose weight effect.. :)



  1. makin rajin la beli aiskrim lps ni.. hehehe... itu gmbr banana split buat sia teringat hubby's treat on my bday.. heheeh

  2. Just:
    ba rajin2 beli ice cream hehe.. wow, ada kenangan manis rupanya hehe!

  3. waaa really? naah good for those yg mau lose weight hehe. means sa nda bleh mkn ice cream la ni? tmbh kurus lo..haha

  4. Michelle:
    ya good news hehe.. Kalau mau kurus, makan moderate amount. Kalau mau gumuk, makan bnyk2 haha.. So bulih la ko mkn tu..hahaha!

  5. seydap btul tu eskrim ku nampak tau...adihhhh...mcm trus mo mkn eskrim laini...ahaks

  6. Gumbira sangat lah kepada yang memang mau berdiet and kuat mkn aiskrim.

    Sa suka mkn aiskrim tp mau tinguk jenama dulu..hehe! *cerewet* ;-p

  7. Makan ice-cream paling sya tidak suka sebab saya punya gigi sensitif kunun..tapi kalau makan bosou, OK saja..hehe

  8. sy suka mkn aiskrim tp nda bleh bnyk mkn, pandai demam lepas tu..kesiankan..huhu

  9. Mcm sya rasa penuh la esbok tu dgn eskrim nanti heheheh.. :p

  10. nanti sa kasi propose sama kawan sa ni ..sebab dia on diet

  11. waaa, I loike, later after lunch se pi lah icecream sana kadai kaling hehehe mcm nda percaya ni but the key is moderation like u sed :)

  12. The most important thing to remember is not to feel defeated, you need to continue exercising even if you are not able to accomplish as much as you hoped right away. You will eventually get there; you’ll start to feel healthier, and have a sense of pride in your commitment to your health.

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  13. My favorite ni, haha...
    Lepas nie confirm makan akan selalu makan aiskrim :)

  14. Hot mama:
    bah apa lg..pigi beli hehe

    Sama lah kita..sya pun tingu jenama hahaha

    Guna lah sensodyne hahaha

  15. Zezebel:
    Kalau sya pandai gatal2 tu leher..mau batuk2 hehehe


    Nah kasi lah hehe..

  16. Vera:
    Ya bah..kasi moderate seja.. Kalau bnyk pun teda guna juga tu..nnti berlebihan calorie hehehe

    Thanks for visiting here :)
    You're right. In order to maintain health and to lose weight, commitment is very important :)

    Yeay! Ngam laitu hehe..

  17. great tips!! musti maw cuba ini...aiskrim kon yg dijual gaman2 naek basikal tu ok ka? LOL

  18. Ice Cream my favorite... tp sadly at the moment kn pantang2 dulu...;( ...

  19. Nev:
    blh juga tu hehehe.Thanks for visiting here ..:)

    ms d33 b33:
    bah, kalau kena pantang, tpaksa la jan mkn la dulu hehe


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