27 January 2011

Which BODY SHAPE Are You?

About the Apple body shape 
If you are the Apple of someone’s eye then you’re pretty in proportion but tend to carry your weight around your mid section without a well-defined waist. You may also have fabulous legs and/or boobs so dressing is all about showing off those best bits and avoiding adding volume round your middle.

Bring out your best: Empire line and longer length tops will flatter your figure. Go for low-ish necklines to draw the eye upwards.
Best to avoid: Short, boxy jackets and pleated or tiered skirts are not your friends. Cast them out now and feel forever better.

About the Pear body shape
If you are a bottom-heavy beauty and are bigger around the hips, bottom or thighs than you are up top then, like the majority of women, you are a Pear! You’ve probably also got a fairly flat stomach you lucky thing. Work that womanly figure by adding more shape and structure above the waist.

Bring out your best: Balance out your curvy bottom half with bold bright tops or tops with large collars, lapels or sleeves.

Best to avoid: Tube, pencil and fishtail skirts, especially tight-fitting ones will only emphasise your hips and behind.

About the Hourglass body shape
Curvy hourglass girls go in at the middle, often with a fuller bust and bottom to contrast with the smaller waist. You’re blessed with a very sexy shape so you need to learn not to drown it in too-baggy clothes but also not go too overtly sexy either - unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Bring out your best: Wrap dresses, waist-cinching belts and flared or wide leg jeans will work wonders. Not necessarily all at once.

Best to avoid: Shapeless baggy jumpers will hide your wonderful waist. Unless you add that magic belt of course!

About the Rectangle/Tube body shape
Rectangle ladies are fairly straight up and down though don’t always have the boyish chest to match. Many women would kill for your shape; there’s no main area you want to minimize so you can get away with more things than most. However you may crave more curves – an illusion easily created with the right clothing.

Bring out your best: A structured coat that cinches in with a belt will make you look more curvy. If you’ve a small bust you can get away with tricky to wear high-necked tops.

Best to avoid: Low rise jeans and trousers can make your torso look too long. Stay away from sheath dresses and stick to styles with more shape instead.

source: bodyshapefashionadvice

So, which body shape are you?.. 
I am in 'Pear' category, therefore i should avoid tight fitting skirt..haha! Perhaps i should work out frequently to add more shape and structure above my waist.. hehe!

That's it for now. See you again.
Have a blessed Thursday.. :)



  1. Haha...ini lah yang sa sendiri tidak pasti mana satu body shape sa.

    Yang pasti...i'm shorty lah (^^)

  2. tak ada....semua body pompuan.haha

  3. Wyne:
    Ko mo tingu apa ciri2 ko tu. Kalau bahagian bwh waist ko lebih besar dr upper waist means ko Pear shape. :)

    Yes, this for female..haha! But you can look it for your girl ba hahaha!

  4. sa ingat body shape sa tu yg pear tu..hahaha
    bida o..dah pendek body shape pear lg ni...hahaha
    usaha keras mo diet ni..ehehe

  5. Hot Mama:
    Sama category pula kita. Ba caiyo-caiyo..hehehe!

  6. rasa2nya sa pun pear shape oh..hehehehhe...

  7. Sia mcm apple... ya ka? *garu kepala yg nda gatal*

  8. Saya yang TUBE!!!! Flat sana sini..hahaha
    I need some curve.. Sepa mau bagi saya? hehe.. nice post.. ^_^

  9. sa rasa sa yg hour glas...haha..sa tipu jak..ndaktau bentuk badan macamna..

  10. i think im a tube but i think i feel good with low rise jeans. and yeah, i usually wish for curves on some part of my body..esp the bust and buttock area...hahaha...never enough la bah kunu ni....

  11. mcm sya bentuk gitar letrik.. tp teda sini.. :p

  12. Sya ngam yg mana satu ah? Saya bahagian perut yg basar...hahahah

  13. Not sure which one is me. I am short, chubby, benjol sana sini...hehe
    Tapi apapun jenis shape, just appreciate yourself :)

    PS : I really want to stand next to Wyne...mau tingu siapa paling rendah, hahaha...

  14. hahah confius..tia tau mana satu...

  15. ms d33 b33:
    sama kita :)

    Apple la kali tu

    Bella ace:
    ok la ba tu..ramai org mau Tube shape

  16. EJA:
    uiisshh..bgs jg kalau hourglass hehe

    Chegu carol:
    Tube is good enough ba.. haha.. biasa la bahagian chest tu, sya pun nda puas ati hehe


  17. Gunsirit:
    Epal kali hahaha...bunsit ka?..haha

    Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Betul, Yg penting appreciate urself ba.. Ba nnti ko jmpa si Wyne lah, kamu ambil gmbr sama2 hehe

    blh check baitu hehe!

  18. My body is 36-27-37.5 and I got rounded bust and buttocks so I think I'm kinda between hourglass-pear but more on hourglass.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


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