11 January 2011

Kuching Airport Closed Temporarily

 Kuching Airport at Night. (source Google)

KUCHING: The Kuching International Airport has been closed Tuesday until further notice, a Malaysia Airports Bhd statement said.

This is becaused of an incident Monday night, when an AirAsia aircraft (flight AK5218 from Kuala Lumpur), skidded and veered off the airport's runway 25, when landing at 10.02 during heavy rain.

All passengers were evacuated safely from the aircraft. Efforts to remove the aircraft Tuesday were hampered by continuous heavy rains. Only one flight was released for departure from the airport, flight MH2505 to Kuala Lumpur. All AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines flights from the airport have been effected.

Passengers are advised to contact their airline's offices to enquire about their flight status.

Stella says:
Been there few weeks ago. Fortunately nothing bad happened. Thank GOD.
Luckily all passengers evacuated safely. Stay alert for the bad weather in the future before making decision to fly.

p/s: I wanted to blogout about our trip in Kuching, but forgot to bring pictures.. sigh!



  1. nasib baik jg time kamu pigi sana tu ari teda apa2 oo kan.. ujung2 thn ni bikin takut jg mo vocay tmpt yg jauh2..

  2. Ya bah, durang bilang kalau jalan ujung2 tahun ada saja masalah..tidak tau lah betul kah tidak..anyway, glad that you are fine when you were there..:))

  3. Just:
    ya ba nasib baik. Cuaca masa tu agak panas lah..ada ujan juga sikit2..

    Ya ramai org ckp gitu. Bahaya pigi vacay ujung tahun. Luckily kami ok.. Thanks

  4. Hold dulu lah semua holiday. Weather yang luarbiasa sekarang nie.

  5. Wyne;
    Betul tu.. Hold dulu. Tuggu sampai weather okay..

  6. tau ini citer coz ade kawan yg balik sarawak...

  7. My flight to kch that day was rescheduled to almost 11pm from the earlier 2pm. Punya mom sia mengamuk becos she doesnt fancy flying night time. Tapi lucky juga lah bcos that we jala, it was raining from afternoon till around 7pm...so by 11pm, hujan sudah reda...the flight pun rasa ok ja with minimal turbulence. Thank God, the trip went well.

  8. Bayaya woo skrg..huhu..tiap kali sa nek flight mesti sa ambi flight awal pagi atau tgh hr..sbb klu ptg atau mlm, weather x bgus..Tambah2 lagi cuaca skrg nih..Hujan seja..
    Thank goodness semua passengers ok.
    Happy new Year.. ;P

  9. Luckily everyone were safe. Huhu.. Bikin takut..

  10. ai.. nasib baik masa kita p sana teda apa2 o dear..

  11. chegu carol:
    nasib baik trip kamu pigi sana went well. kami pun nasib baik ok.. bikin takut oh kan

    Ya, nasib baik flight kami p sana time pagi, balik kk pula time tghari..so ok lah tu... thank GOD

    Ya mmg bikin takut. Luckily safe semua org.

    Richard CM:
    ya ba nasib baik.. Thank GOD.

  12. Biskut:
    oh ko tau pula ni kes. Harap2 kwn ko tu ok..


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