14 January 2011

Kuching Trip: Day 2 (Part 1)

The second day of the trip, we went for Kuching City.Wandered here and there by ourselves. The van driver told us that the historical building is not just far from each other. There are just in one place. You just need to walk few distance only. Therefore, he dropped us at the Kuching Waterfront and we were exploring the Kuching city by ourselves. And it's fun hehe..

 At our room veranda back at the resort.. 
Ready for breakfast before go for walking around Kuching city

 Ok, breakfast-ing.. to gain energy for walk..hehe

 After about 30 minutes journey from Damai Puri resort, we reached here. 
The Kuching Waterfront

Behind us the official residence of the Governor of Sarawak called "Astana" which means "palace" in the local dialect and were constructed in1870 for newly married of the second Rajah of Sarawak, Charles Brooke. 

 Behind us the "Fort Margherita Building". It was build by Charles Brooke in 1879 and named it after his wife "Margaret". It was built as defence line against pirates.

 How relaxing.. Duduk-duduk baca paper di waterfront..

 Still at waterfront area

 Main Bazaar at Kuching's oldest street. You can shop for souvenir around here at more cheap price. I noticed they still maintaining the old buildings rather than to replace it to a new one. Most of them were built from James Brooke era.

 Kuching Waterfront Bazaar. The place where you can shop for souvenirs but slightly expensive than at the Kuching's oldest street shops.

 Mee Jawa. I was so hungry while walking here and there, so we stopped a while at this shop (forgot already the named of the coffee shop) located at the main bazaar area. I decided to ordered this, while hubby want to find for Mee Kolo at other coffee shop later. So, he let me eat first.  The taste not really nice haha..

 Ok, this is Chinese History Museum. It was built in 1912 used as a court by Chinese community until 1921. This museum was officially opened in 1993. Interesting place to visit because there's a lot of history information here about immigration of Chinese to Sarawak. The entrance fee for this museum is free.

 Inside the Chinese History Museum

 Still inside the Chinese History Museum. Can you see "HAKKA" there? It clarifies that how they immigrated in Borneo and what were their main activities while in Borneo.

 An info about the Chinese immigration. Click at the pic for full view.
 Mee Kolo. His lunch menu of the day.

My lunch menu of the day. Chicken rice.. Lunch for 2nd time haha!

Okay, that is all for now. See you at next post. :)
Till then, have a pleasant Friday.. :)

p/s: yeay!! it's Friday already hehe..



  1. Waiting for the part 2! info berguna utk my kuching trip in apr.. but i dun think kami dpt msk semua museum... maklum la with kids! ;p

  2. Haha..lucu ko nie Sis Just...

    Eh, tmpt komen entry Stella baini ;-p

    Great info! Ada kazen sa pg sana aritu, santik2 dia ambil gmbr, sama mcm yg kamu ambil TAPI she barely remember apa2 semua nama tu tampat!! Astaga kami bilang...mcm mn kami mau pg sana lain kali...ekeke!

  3. wah siuknya..macm sadap ja tu yang kolo me

  4. Just:
    Ok wait for next post.
    Ala, rugi kalau tdk masuk museum. At least ko dapat masuk Museum Kuching. Museum Kuching is a must hehe!

    Oh kazen ko pernah p sana pula. Ba nnti ada masa ko pigi vacay sana lah.. Haha, funny juga kazen ko tu..

    nda brp sedap tu kolo mee dia haha.. sya tdk mkn bnyk.:P

  5. I wanna go Kuching!!!! Hehe...part 2 pls!! ^______^

  6. Ken:
    ba nnti ko pigi sana lah jalan2 sama family :)

    ok wait for next post :)

  7. waaah..
    good info stel..

    sng la mo round kuching ni nnt.


  8. beruntung punya husband yang baik...macam mr richard.hihi

  9. Mr & Mrs Mikko:
    Thanks. Nah bulih suda round2 Kuching nanti hehe!

    haha.. syuuuukkkur!.. mmg dia nice..hehe! thanks!

  10. very informative.... mcm teringin pula mau balik sana.... ;p

  11. ms d33 b33:
    Thanks for visiting here. Unfortunately i couldn't visit your blog. It's only for registered visitors. Perhaps u should send an invitation to me. Thanks!

  12. Macam ada di KK tu Kolo mee...
    Yay, next year lah saya pi sana. Ada plan dah tu ni tahun tapi mau save budget, hehe...Tapi kalau ada duit lebih, apalagi cek terus website air asia :)

    @Just...I thought you want to climb Mount Kinabalu this April...hehehe

  13. eh?! i did send an email to dis email addy :ricella1312@gmail.com... tia ngam kah tu? hehehehhe....

  14. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Ya ada di KK, tp mcm d KK lg sadap hehehe..

    Bah, jgn lupa blog it out kalau ko pigi sana kio hehe.. Ko check2 promo dr airasia, mesti ada tu.

    Ya kan, i thought the same juga. Ada si Just inform sya dulu dia mau naik mount kinabalu.

  15. ms d33 b33:
    owh ya ka?..ba nnti sya check. betul lah emel address tu..hehe!

  16. sumandak, c hubby ja naik tu. sia nda jd! huhuhu...

    sorry stel, tumpang dulu.. hahah.. btw, kucing museum is a must ka pulak tu.. ba ya la.. ;p

  17. Just:
    owh hubby ko ja pula naik... sya ingat ko pun ada..

    Iya, ko pigi Kuching museum, bnyk Kuching sana hehehe

  18. Just:
    I mean bnyk itu kucing sana dalam tu museum Kuching hehehe!

  19. When I was a student there, we love to walk along the Waterfront from the bus station (near the India Street) to the shopping complexes area i.e. Parkson, Tun Jugah... it just feel so calm to jalan2 there...kalau penat, buli duduk di bench tingu urg lalu lalang. We spent our Y2K New Year there too, witnessing marvelous fireworks shoot up in the night sky.

  20. And by the way, about it kolo mee...you have to get it from the right spot...sekarang semua tempat mau offer kolo mee...even in KK...but the taste tidak sama...ada satu tempat we like to go for kolo mee after mass every sunday...i forgot the name of the area but it's across the police station in town. sedap dan murah! now maybe ada mahal sikit la... ive tasted kolo mee here in kk and nothing beats the original swak kolo mee.

  21. Fantastic view and food. Entah bilah lah saya dapat pi jalan2 ni, mungkin sampai pencen pun blum kesampaian..ehhe

  22. july....july...come fast fast....got a festival to go and kuching to explore!!!!

  23. chegu carol:
    i see. u was a student there. i am sure u are more familiar with the place. because we didnt hire any tourist guide, we just explored there by ourselves. it's fun though and adventurous.

    about the kolo mee, you are right. maybe we went to a wrong food shop haha.. that is because we've been there for ourselves, no one guide us. we just used the pamphlet as our infos. We followed the direction from the pamphlet for the kolo mee, and found out it was not tasty though haha.. Never mind, there is always next time haha!

  24. Gunsirit:
    bulih baitu. org bilang dimana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan hehe

    Angel Bear:
    oh i know tht. U want to go for world music festival at kuching cultural village, isn't hehe!

  25. Astaga sioknya kamurang bejalan2 ni.. Sa mau travel juga but dunno where to go ;-)

  26. AnnieMing:
    Bah, ko survey2 la mana tmpt mo jalan2..hehe!


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