12 January 2011

Kuching Trip: Day 1

As i promised, this is a post about my trip in Kuching. We (me and hubby) were there for 4 days, 3 nights.  We took 8.30am flight from KK. About 1 hour 25 minutes later we arrived at Kuching International Airport.

Upon arrival at Kuching International Airport

Our travel guide. Got these from Kuching Airport at Tourism Counter

We went to MacD at the airport for tea time. 
I did short update post for my blog from here. Free Wifi maa..hehe

Sempat ambil gambar itu monk beramai-ramai makan sana Old Town restaurant.

We spent time at MacD until 11am. Then, took a cab as transportation to a resort. It took about 50 minutes to reach the resort. For your information, we stayed at Damai Puri Resort & Spa located at south Kuching and is about 30-40 minutes journey from Kuching city.

I managed to shot this beautiful Mount Santubong on our way to resort. Pictures a bit blurr because I shot this from inside a moving cab.

 We reached at the resort at around 12pm. Have to wandered around the resort 1st after registered at the counter as the check-in time is 3.00pm.

Muka lapar. Therefore, sambil tunggu check in time, pigi lunch dulu..hehe

This was my lunch menu on that day. Laksa Sarawak.. delicious!

His lunch menu on that day, Stir-Fried Mee

View from the restaurant. Lunching, sambil tengok view cantik..:)

At around 2.30pm, the reception at the counter called my hubby informing that there a vacant room already for us to check in. Went to our room right after the called and how i really can't wait to enter the room sebab penat sudah asyik duduk di luar.. Upon entering the room, as usual i took some pic then terus terbang atas katil.. Penat bah!..hehe

The room was not bad. Comfortable enough.

Our room, from different view

After a short nap, around 5.00pm, we went for walking around the resort. Mau tengok-tengok pemandangan sambil ambil gambar hehe.. We didn't went out from resort on the 1st day as we decided to visit Kuching city on the next day. First day rehat-rehat dulu, after all it's a relaxing vacation, no need to rush.. :D

Us ready to explore the resort area. Our room was in the building behind us.. and the veranda just facing the swimming pool. Cool!.. boleh cuci mata haha..

Behind me, the resort lobby. And you can see Mount Santubong behind it.

After wandered around here and there, hubby managed to go for gym. Mau cuba2 konon gym punya facility. Suda kena kasi free kan untuk orang yang stay sini resort, so pakai la kunun..

Still at the gym. Can you guess what's he doing..

Dinner menu of the day. Mutton soup and Chicken soup with rice. 
Sedap soup dia..hehe!

Okay that is all for now. I hope you enjoy this post. 

p/s:  For those who want to visit Kuching, I recommend you to stay at Damai Puri Resort & Spa. The view is really beautiful and it's a relaxing place too. See HERE for an info.

Till then happy shiny Wednesday.


  1. Sa tau apa laki ko buat ; dia ikut stail tu di gambar...haha!

    Perfect 'honeymoon' for Wedding Anniversary *wink wink*

  2. Saya suka tu view masa makan...
    Ntah bila lah terpigi sini nie...hehe

  3. se pernah pi jalan2 sekejap sana tu, the place near sarawak cultural village, very nice place owh...how's the price? ok kah? and nice pix: :)

  4. time msh berdua2an ni mmg siok p honeymoon! Bila sdh ada c kicil, susah sikit sdh! Can't wait for ur next post!

  5. Glad that u enjoyed Sarawak's hospitality. :) Not much here, just nature, nature and nature.. Hehe.. Tidak lawan jg la shopping complexes d KK.. Lain kali pg Gua Mulu ah.. ;)

  6. wah ..ellen banyak kali ke Kuching tapi stay around town ja..lain kali mo p sana la ni..nice view...thanks for this info..hehe

  7. aku pernah tengok gunung santubong dulu masa mula2 kapal memasuki kawasan perlabuhan kuching...sudah terlalu lama maa....

    njoy ur vacations stella...hepi2 ok

  8. naaa... bulan April ni kami g Kuching.. buli la refer ko ni kan mana2 tmpt yg cantik utk gmbr.. hehehehe.. errr.. ko jgn story pasal mana tmpt2 shopping aaa.. nanti c Just pandai mau pigi sana.. hahahaha

  9. nice honeymoon trip! santik view tu resort kn..

  10. huyooo siok owh jalan2...suda sa nampak gmber ko tampat hubby ko that day..cantik ka

  11. been to cultural village juga last few years... nice kan there?

    anyway, enjoy ur honeymoon...

  12. It's been quite sometimes I tidak visit swak... nice pic all.. :D

  13. Salam Kenal.
    Macam itu rupanya laksa sarawak. Sya byk kali pigi Kuching tapi xpenah makan tu sebab tak suka laksa. Hehehehehe....

  14. Wyne:
    haha..kalau sya buat giveaway, mmg ko yg dpt no 1 ni wyne hahaha..
    TQ.. hehe

    Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Bah blh ba tu ko pigi sana naaaaanti lepas kawin hehehe

    Ya kami ada pigi itu cultural village juga on the 3rd day..nnti sya blog it out hehe.. The price ok juga lah, affordable. :)

  15. Just:
    Ya betul tu Just. Tapi org bilang, di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. Nda jadi penghalang baitu hehe.. Ok will post next story soon :D

    Ya ada terfikir juga nnti mau pigi Gua mulu. Ya, Kuching mcm tdk bnyk buildng yg tinggi kan, masi mengekal building yg lama2.. hehe!

    It's a must. Ko mesti pigi Damai Puri resort..hehe! Lain kali pigi ah..hehehe

  16. Biskut:
    Oh...nice kan.. drg ckp mcm bentuk manusia sedang berbaring.. Thanks!

    Hahaha..funny lah ko ni Asai. Sian si Just, biar lah ba dia bershopping, bkn slu kan..hehehe!

    Ya, santik view sini. Betul2 depan laut :D

  17. Beaty:
    Ya ka??... Mmg santik view sana hehe..Lain kali ko p sana..

    ms d33 b33:
    Ya nice di sana. Thanks for visiting here. Btw, i cant view ur blog.. have to register..uhuhuu

    I love travelling too. This place is the largest state in Malaysia.

  18. Cath J:
    Thanks. Ba kalau ada masa, pigi lah lg jalan2 sana hehehe

    SBC Admin:
    You try once la tu Laksa Sarawak. Rugi kalau nda try. Lain drpd yg lain rasa dia hehehe!

  19. Haaha aramai tii tu monks sana a ;D

    Ooo so that's how Mount Santubong looks like... nda lawan kita punya mountain la kan heehe.

    Ba kalo sia mo visit Kuching, sia tau suda resort mana yang bagus ;)

  20. okayarms:
    haha..ya ba..kita punya mount lg tinggi gia. ba ko pigi la sana len kali hehe


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