21 January 2011

Ask A Blogger

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Thank you to Michelle Sung for the tagged.  According to her, she created the tag game is to get to know among bloggers as well as just for fun. I find it is interesting and i support her by doing this tag game. And for you who are interested to join the game, feel free to tag yourself.. :)

And here are the questions:-

~Two questions about your blog~

What is your blog's title and reason to make it yours?
A Paint of Life :  Our life is full enough with a lot kind of things. It's about everyday life..

Your blog is categorized as a? ;personal, photography, food, place, fashion etc...
It's a lot. From Personal to Self-enrichment, Health, Going places , Family, Food, Current news, slip in several photographies posts, etc ~ well you can sort it out from the "Categories" at my blog side bar.

 ~Randomly about you~

Your favorite colors. 
Blue, Purple and sometime Green.~ depends on my mood..hehe

What is your happiest childhood memory?
Spending time with my brothers and sisters at my village. Playing here and there; playing at paddy field, take bath at river, riding buffalo.. Oh  how I'm really missing those time.

What is your all time favorite song? Link it from youtube etc.

WHEN GOD MADE YOU by Newsong & Natalie Grant. Click HERE to watch music video.

What was the last song you heard?
LOVE STORY by Taylor Swift. Click HERE to watch music video.

What is your favorite song during exercise/working out?
I don't listen to song during workout haha..

What song will you hear to get you sleep at night?
I don't listen to song to get sleep.  :P

Who was the last person you messaged?
My dear hubby.. :)

What was the best vacation you ever had?
Korea and Beijing back in June 2009.

Food and beverages?
Western Food , Chinese Food. As for beverages i love "kicai pink", honey lemon and tea-c.

~Your favorite quote~

~Your inspiration photo~

~A smiling picture of you~

Ok, that is all for today..
Have a blessed Friday :)



  1. wah bnyknya soalan.. :) x apa ba.. siok jg ni.. :)

  2. yuhuuuuu~thanks for doing this sis Stella! love ya...muaaaaahXD hehehe

    waaa siuk o time childhood kmu..prnah naik karabau lg tu hoho sa nda prnah2 ba wlupun org kmpung adidi..and oh i love the quotes!

    ~sintiki dulu hehehe~
    Have a great weekend! ^^,

  3. i'm going to this later.. :)

  4. riding buffalo..?wah..berani gak ek stella nih.mesti lasak masa kecil nih.hihi

  5. i love all the quotes!! happy weekend!;)

  6. I like kicai ping too...esp kalau kogut-kogutan..hehehe.

    I don;t want to tag myself because I don't really understand the instructions..ejje

  7. Wah ada jua purple owh kan.....huhu siok owh tym chiildhood kan pigi main2 sama sibling

  8. Richard:
    heheh..ya la..:P

    ya siok time kici2..main2 d sungai, panjat pokok buah-buahan, main di sawah padi, naik karabau..main masak2 di bwh kulung..uisshh..bnyk la kenangan time kici2..hehe..

    i love the quotes too :)

  9. Ken:
    ok..u must hehe

    ya ba riding buffalo..time kecil2 mmg lasak hehehe

    TQ..have a pleasant day to u..:)

  10. Gunsirit:
    ko mmg slu nda paham instruction kan hehehe..or malas mau bikin..
    yeay! ada geng minum kicai ping hehe

    same to u..:)

    sama lah kita...

  11. Beaty:
    ko pun suka purple tu kan hehehe..
    ya siok ba time kici2..:)

  12. sama ja fav colour kita ni.. itu green bnyk d wardrobe sia utk bju kurung.. hehehe..

  13. fantastic post.its interesting,well,have a nice weekend.


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