29 January 2011

Kristen Stewart As 'Snow White'

Kristen Stewart

So it seems that after wrapping up the last chapter to the ever-so-popular Twilight Saga series, Kristen Stewart may very well trade in vampire and werewolve boyfriends for seven little dwarfs. Yes, apparently, Kristen is in talks to portray the fairytale princess, Snow White!

In the Universal Pictures retelling of the classic fairytale, Snow White and the Huntsman will have more back-story to Eric, the bounty hunter sent by the evil queen Ravenna to hunt down Snow White. Eventually, Eric refuses to kill the princess and instead, tags along as her mentor.

While Kristen may be one of the leading actresses on the list to get the princess’ role, however, others also on the list include Riley Keough, Felicity Jones and Alicia Vikander.

Besides the lead role, Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron have also been rumoured to be in negotiations to play the huntsman, Eric, and the evil queen respectively. Rupert Sanders will be on the director’s chair.

What do you think? Is Kristen Stewart the fairest of ‘em all?

Source: galaxieblog

Stella says:
Wow.. it's fit. I think Kristen Stewart is the fairest of them all..hehe.. 
Her smooth and fair face would suits with the 'Snow White' character. I am sure to watch the movie if she become the leading actress..:)



  1. She look gorgeous. Dia buli minum tapai kaini?

  2. yup agree with u.. it fits her perfectly... *wink*

  3. yes she is! sy suka tgk dia..n her dress pn cntik oo.hihi

  4. emm...boleh la bah tu, cantik juga dia pun, hehe

  5. adakah dia mampu perbaiki lakonannya yang nampak seolah kaku dalam twilight tuh...harap leboih baik dan tidak mengecewakan para pengkritik..

  6. Why Nicole Kidman is not on the list. She is good, plus she have porcelain skin which I think very suitable to play Snow White :)

    Faktor umur kot, tapi kan their industry sangat membangun and canggih, so there should be no problem to transform her into Snow White...

  7. Nice! I love her look & face. I'm sure she's gonna be a beautiful Snow White ;-)

  8. Gunsirit:
    Ya mmg gorgeous..entah la blh minum ka tdk, sya blm tnya dia hahaha

    ms d33 b33:
    ya, fits kan :)

    sya pun suka tgk dia..cantik....:)

  9. Zezebel:
    ya.blh baitu hehehe..

    it is because dlm twilight, the character of Bella mmg mcm tu..:)

    Ala..Nicole kidman kan sudah berumur.. not suit tu eventhough her skin looks porcelain but her face looks matured already..

  10. AnnieMing:
    Ya betul..i vote for kristen to hold the character hehehe..:)

  11. Uik. Buli juga bha jadi snow white kalau dia ni. yang penting urang putih kan sebab snow white? Hahahahaha....


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