17 February 2011

Valentine's 2011

Valentine's Day this year was celebrated with more simple way. We didn't get each of us a gift. We spent our dinner that day at our favourite restaurant, Upperstar at Damai.

And as usual i ordered for my favourite meal and same to him.

 Grilled Chicken, my fav.

 Chicken Curry with rice, his fav.

Hot Chocolate for drink

As we spent the precious time together, we then realized that our relationship is now 10 years. Thank GOD for uniting us and for sure we are really grateful for the love and blessing that we received from almighty GOD for the past 10 years. Our Love relationship become more strong and become deeper each and everyday. Thank GOD once again for giving me such a kind, caring and loving soul-mate. I pray may this relationship will last forever.

I hope all couple all over the world is living in happily relationship with GOD blessing.

That's it for now. 
Lots of love.


  1. Simple celebration will be meaningful if both of you are enjoying it.

  2. happy valentine day stella..so sweet..:)
    lapar terus sa o..tinguk itu mknan..haha

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  3. you know stella, kami laki bini dua2 lupa mo wish each other ni on v-day. hehehehe

  4. Happy valentines day to u n ur hubby :)

  5. My favorite too! hehe

    ~ei...upperstar damai ka? sa limpas2 kmurang kali malam tu ah..hehe sa pgi atm alliance. ramai btul org mlm tu d sana.~

  6. SBC:
    yup..you're right.

    Hot Mama:
    Thanks.Same to you. Nmpk sadap kan tu mkanan..hehe

    Chegu carol:
    adidi..kamurang ni hahaha

  7. NC:
    Thanks. Same to u..

    Ya di damai hehe.. Aih ya ka..?.. mungkin laitu hehehe

  8. Happy Valentine Day to you and hubby... :)

  9. Wow simple yet meaningful bh ni...Happy V-day and happy 10 years relationship...May God Bless both of u

  10. the 10th v-day huh?! few yrs lg mo tggu tu.. ;p

  11. Gunsirit, Beaty, Just and Zezebel:

    Thanks! :)
    Same to all of u.

  12. nice stel, we oso didn't give each other anything just kiss saja hehehe, looking at si rich punya curry chicken, big portion oh tu meal kan, nice ni :) happy belated V-day :)

  13. Yeahhh... Valentine Day help us to remind the journey of our relationship with our special one... Reflection during this day help us to be more aware with each other's feeling... A feeling to love and to be love tightening the bonding of One soul... One heart... Two as one... May everyone of us live in love now and forever... Amen.


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