10 February 2011

Ring Of Fortune

Hello dear friends,
Well now, I am not going to post about Valentine's Day though the spirit of the celebration getting spreading in myself. Today i am going to share with you the dinner I had with hubby last night. All of sudden, i craved for Pizza Hut. Not really about the pizza but it's about my fav dish, Bolognese Spaghetti. I don't know why i found of most of all the restaurant I've been to, Pizza Hut's Bolognese Spaghetti is the best. I mean i found it really tasty compare to other restaurant such as Upperstar or E-west..hmm.. And hubby tried the Pizza Hut new recipe which is called Ring of Fortune. Quite okay though.. it was tasty too.

Okay, pictures always the best way to complete the story. Here they are:-

 Mushroom Soup, my fav :)


 Bolognese Spaghetti, my fav dish.. :P

 Ring of Fortune.. Pizza Hut new recipe

yum yum..hehe

This is the first dinner at Pizza Hut of the year. And we started it with the new recipe. Quite okay though. I found it is okay to try once in a while for a new recipe. So if you wanna try the new recipe, get to Pizza Hut near your place or perhaps you can order it online.

That's it for now. Have a healthy Thursday.
Take care.

P/s: I wonder why they called it Ring of Fortune.. hmm..maybe because of the pizza's shape.. :D


  1. wow!
    wanna try oowh diz ring of fortune.. hari tu rgk adv dkt paper..
    sedap kaa?

  2. sia plg suka breakstick dia!

  3. It's been a while since I had Pizza Hut. My last pizza was Domino's. :)

    Nanti mau try la the new pizza. I used to work part-time at Pizza Hut before while I was studying. Every time there's a new recipe, we'll surely get the chance to try it first before we serve it to the customers. Dapat makan free ;)

    Gosh!! I miss my old days!

  4. lapar... tapi nda suka pizza hut.. i'm a big fan of KFC.. tepa la, satu kompeni juga durang tu.. hahah..

  5. syedap o nampak dia punya spageti...ehehe

  6. ...hmm, sa lupa when was the last time I went to Pizza...ekeke!

    Saya mimang suka Bolognese Spaghetti dia smpi hubby sa cakap 'kita datang sini makan piza kah makan spaghetti?...hahah...

  7. I don't eat spaghetti and pizza!
    Mau cuba tapi memang nda masuk...huhu

  8. kalau masuk Pizza Hut jer mesti yang pertama order Lasagna...n then baru mushroom soup..garfield pon suka Lasagna.haha

  9. adess sedapnya...
    wuwuwu...lain kali bawa bah aku makan sama²...:P

  10. aduiiiinah...sadap betul npk o. sa cari org dulu lah blanja sa mkn pija haha...sa pun paling suka itu mushroom soup hehe.

  11. i love the sphagetti too :)
    hmm..itu ring of fortune mcm lain o dari yg di iklan2 kn..tpi memang begitu ba kn..but as long as its tasty :) why not..

  12. Wow simply delicious...untung lah pi makan sana. But the spaghetti macam sikit saja tu..macam tidak buli cukup utk sya..haha

  13. Wow simply delicious...untung lah pi makan sana. But the spaghetti macam sikit saja tu..macam tidak buli cukup utk sya..haha

    Tersilap ID saya yg sana atas..tertulis real name..ehhe

  14. trus terasa macam mo p makan pizza...hehe

  15. wah sedap kenampakan ni owhh..tp actualy sa inda suka pizza bah

  16. Just:
    yeay..sya pun suka juga

    Waa..siok juga kalau keja pizza hut aa..hehe!

    Ba jgn mkn pizza la..ko pigi kfc hahaha

  17. Hot Mama:
    Ya, mmg sedap spaghetti dia..:p

    hahaha..sama pula kita ni wyne

    Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Aduyai..rugi owh...

  18. ghost writer:
    ya, agreed. Lasagna dia pun sedap..:)

    bulih ba kalau kau..hehehe

    ba pigi la cari. dpt juga mkn free hahaha..ya mushroom soup mmg sadap

  19. Anonymous:
    well, thanks for visiting here. Lain kali tulis nama aa..hehehehe

    adeh, tertulis nama sebenar. ok juga baitu hehehe.. Itu spaghetti sya nda dpt abis. Ko mmg bnyk mkn haha!

    ba, pigi la nanti kio hehehe..

  20. Ellen:
    ba teruskan niat anda hahaha

    ko mkn side dishes la hehe

  21. Sa pernah sudah makan ni Ring of Fortune and I loike it so much!


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