09 January 2010

Working on Saturday?

It’s Saturday and really loves it. Even though I have to work on Saturday for half day, it would not ruin my weekend routine.. Honestly I never like to work on weekend.. By the way, who would want too.. But it’s my duty and for the past years and I really didn’t like it. However, for this year I really want to make a big change. Try to be a different one.. I mean, I should never took this matter seriously as it would be nice if I put my mind in that positive way.. isn’t it.. :) okay la, working for half day on Saturday so far still ok than those who have to work on Saturday and Sunday for the whole day.. That’s it.. It’s easy isn’t.. Try to put myself in that situation where I should be grateful for what I have hehe..


  1. i really understand the feeling of being to work on weekend.. and it's really spoiling the mood of "holidaying".. :(


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