06 December 2013

I am on Dayre.me

Hi dear readers,
Just to let you know that I am Dayre.me. Been on Dayre.me since 27 November 2013. So what is Dayre.me actually?.. 

Dayre.me is actually an application that enable you to blog right away from your smartphone. Some called it as microblogging because you can blog your daily stories directly from your smartphone and not only that, uploading photos and videos on your blogpost are so easy too. It looks like Dayre.me is very convenient for the bloggers.

From now on i can blog out wherever i am, at anytime anywhere as long as there is internet line/ wifi. With Dayre.me blogging life much more easy. 

Just the thought of transferring photos to laptop sometime makes me lazy to update my blog. Therefore, Dayre.me is much more easier at the moment.

So if you happened to sign in to Dayre.me, please follow me at dayre.me/stellaclaire. I've posted 8 posts so far in there.

Thank you for your time. 
Take care.. :)


  1. Walau ada dayre pun sa rindu juga blog ni..hi hi

    1. ya sya pun bah hihi..ada sentimental value kunun

  2. Follow me too dayre.me/dtdianateo =) . Hahaha...

  3. good info claire.. i'll upload that application on my smartphone.. tq anyway.

  4. wow it sounds cool & really convenient. gonna try it later :)
    thx for sharing!


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