15 November 2013

Recalling Back the Beginning & The 12 hours Journey

Hello dear readers,
Now that I have the chance to share about my life here in the UK. I would like to share the beginning of our journey to a place that is really unfamiliar to me.

It was exactly 6th of April 2013, the hubs received a good news about his application to further study. I was trembling to hear the news at first. Yes, trust me. The feeling of excited and happiness are at the bottom list. I was trembling because I have never been in my life to fly as far as to the place like UK. The farthest I'd been away from hometown are Beijing and Korea, and that was only for 10 days trip.

And why should I afraid and trembling to hear such news?.. haha. I don't know! Maybe it was because i myself couldn't believe it at first?.. And of course the mind began to think about all the things in the new place. People over there?.. culture?.. language?.. weather?.. and so on.. But deep in my heart, I'm so happy for my hubby.

And for a second, i tried to hide this feeling and never break the news to friends. Only to few closed friends (you know who you are) and immediate family members. The reason was, i respect the hubs decision and didn't want to over react things because there's a lot of preparation that hasn't been done yet and the process could be break off along the way. Yes, i don't want other things to get in the way, to be exact. It's the hubs dream.. and let him find peace in preparing all those things.  

Indeed, there's a lot of things we (the hubby and I) have to ready before flying. Passport and Visa of course, and his preparations of document prior university and etc. Trust me, there's a ton of things to be done. As i recalled back, i must say Thank You GOD for the opportunity and for guiding us to prepare all the passports, visas, documents and etc in such a control without too many hassle. Indeed, we are very grateful and I am so happy that the hubs dreams came true. And now his duty is to pass his study with flying colors. Well, at least with good grades. :)

For an info, his father used to further his study too in the UK back in 1987. Therefore, my hubby must be following his father's step, except in a different field of study.

I think most you might wondering how we managed ourselves on a 12 hours journey from Malaysia to the UK with a 2 years old toddler. I myself worried about this at first. 12 hours is such a long period. A toddler might get cranky to get stuck in a plane for 12 hours, isn't it?.. 

Fortunately, our flight from KL-London was scheduled at 12am and our lil boy fell asleep throughout the journey. He was actually woke up at around 4am, but fell to sleep again after an hour. I must say this was an easy flight for us with our lil toddler.

If you happen to travel on a long flight with your baby/ toddler, just look for a midnight flight and make sure your kids in a happy tummy. I mean, make sure they're full enough. They will fall sleep easily on the plane. 

Okay, that's it for now. Thank you for reading my post. Will continue again in the next post. Oh by the way, i didn't put any photos in this entry. I'll try to put them in my next post.

Have a great week ahead.


  1. I think that's a great news for him to be able to study again and abroad. Might be hard at first but you guys have each other.

    It's also a good thing because he might regret if he didn't go on with it. I know family is all back in hometown. But, better do while you still can than regret. Maybe kamu pulang juga ba kan. :D

    Well, all the best kamu sana yo.

    1. ya betul point ko arms..hehehe... bagu lg p skrg kan :)

  2. Kan best kalau dpt visit kamu and buat reunion di sana stel! hahahahah...

  3. Good to hear your hubby is able to study abroad, do enjoy the good moments~

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