08 February 2012

Gabriel's Baptism Day

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will write more on our little Gabriel's baptism day. So here it is..

It was on 5th February 2012. The ceremony started at 3pm. We (dear hubby and I, of course with our little Gabriel) arrived at Sacred Heart Cathedral as early as 2.30pm. As we went inside the church, there was a long row of parents registering their attendance. There were 57 babies to be baptized on that day.

At first hour, Gabriel behaved well. However towards the next hours, he started to make some noise.. Maybe sebab dia mengantuk or kepanasan dalam church tu because we sat slightly far from fan. However, all in controlled. We managed to took care of him..

Our little Gabriel was baptized by Deacon Jeffrey Gumu and his Godfather is Mr Arthur Makulim. As soon as Gabriel was baptized, we then changed his cloth to a white color. It's a symbol of that Gabriel is now a Christian.

The baptism ceremony ended around 4.30pm. We were informed that the baptism certificate could be obtained 3 weeks after the ceremony.

Thank you GOD, everything went well. Gabriel is now a part of us. He is a Catholic now.  I hope he will always in GOD's care and will become a good Christian, obedient to his parents, respect others and leading his life according to GOD's way.

Here are some pics at the church:-

 before the baptism ceremony

 mommy and lil gabriel ;)

 oh my sweet lil gabriel..mommy and daddy LOVE u sooo much!..

the anoint of oil by deacon

 baptism ceremony

 lil Gabriel with his baptism shirt in white color..

the family that attended the ceremony took a memorable photo with Deacon Jeffrey Gumu

And afterwards, the whole family had dinner at May Flower Restaurant at Jalan Bundusan. Gabriel started not feeling easy this time. Nangis bah dia.. Maybe he was really sleepy but couldn't sleep because of the noisiness at the restaurant. Poor Gabriel. I guess he was really too tired and sleepy. He fall asleep right after we got in car on our way went back home. Lagipun masa di church and di restaurant ganti-ganti bah org pigi dukung dia.. tu la kali penat betul dia..

Some pics at restaurant:-

 food that served during the dinner

oh what is Gabriel doing?.. hehe!

Gabriel's Baptism Cake..

I am grateful that Gabriel is now a part of us. I know it is a long way to go. I really hope hubby and I can be a good guidance to him along the process of growing up. I pray may GOD send His Holy Spirit to help us to guide him to be a great person in the future. GOD bless Gabriel Aiden.. :D

That is all for today. 

Have a blessed day ahead. :)


  1. My girl was also baptised that way.. God Bless our Kids.. :)

  2. Gabriel's baptism reminds me of Nadia's daughter punya baptism last year.. Durang pun ada family dinner di Mayflower Restaurant afterwards :D

    God bless Gabriel!

    1. Oh ya ka.. Thanks for visiting here annie. God bless ;)

  3. sian dia kan nangis penat.. ee, ada tu kawan anak saya ba.. eh, salah.. anak kawan saya.. dia kan, kena bawa2 di shopping mall, bising2 kiri kanan dia pun,nyenyak tul dia tidur ni.. sa ingat dia tuli mula2, satu kali dia bangun, kena panggil, dia pandai tengok juga tu bunyi dari mana.. he he he..

    1. Haha..Aki, jahat betul ko ni ckp anak org tuli..
      Si gabriel pun pandai tertidur tu kalau bawa jln2 di shopping mall walaupun bising kiri kanan..siok dia tidur di stroller dia..LOL

  4. Congrats on ur baptism baby Gabriel! My nephew pun supposed to be baptized on that day but last minute tukar ikt yg english pnya. jadi dia t'awal la skit. klo x, sma2 la dorang baptized tu. hehe..May God bless all the newly baptized babies!

    1. Hi cindy, ya..klu yg english punya awal sikit. Kami sengaja ambil yg lmbt sikit punya.. Btw, thnks for dropping some comments. Take care ;)

  5. congrats to bb gab...wah stelle berseri2 ko ni sa nampak..

  6. wah..how did u keep fit..langsung teda perut ni...

    1. i didnt do any diet.. i mean apa sya teringin mo mkn, sya mkn ja LOL.. Actually ada tu perut yg tersembunyi..LOL..:P

  7. Did I miss the party here? Hehe.... God Bless Gabriel Aiden... Amen.

  8. Heheheh mmg adventurous btul o jaga Gabriel ni.. Mcm2 gaya kluar.. Ngam2 tu deacon dtg mau letak tu minyak, dia pula syok nenen heheheh...

  9. Beautiful photos all around! and most importantly, May God Bless you always Gabriel!


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