26 February 2012

I Couldn't Thank Enough

These were my weekend..

 Thank you AnnieMing for this sweet gift :) . 
Received by PosExpress on 24th February 2012

 Thank you GOD, 
our dearly Gabriel Aiden turned 6 months on 25th February 2012.

Thanks a lot dear hubby for treating me this fav dessert of mine.
 Chocolate cheesecake from secret recipe, 26th February 2012 ;)

I couldn't thanked enough for everything. Indeed everything is a blessed day for me. I wanted to count these as blessings and cherished them as long as I'm still breathing.

And yet no matter what, never takes thing for granted. I appreciate all the good things that happened in my life. They will always fresh in my mind. :)

Praise to GOD. :)


  1. kiut tu romper ada bow lagi tu...

    May god bless all of u stelle...siok hati sa namapk c bb gab membesar dengan sihat n gembira

    tu kek mimang sedap owhh

    berterima kasih kepada semua perkara memng patut bh kan stelle

  2. cute tu baju hehe mau tgk c baby Gabriel pakai ni. :)
    God bless you!

    1. kiut kan..nnti sya post klu dia sdh pakai..:)

  3. romper yang sangat cutee!

    errr..pic with baby gabriel pls...

  4. Nasib sampai juga oh. Worried sudah saya itu kiriman inda sampai ni :) Bah yeah nanti kasi post gambar Gabriel pakai ni baju ya.. Sa mau join durang yang request mau tingu him in the romper. Hihihi

    1. Orait..kalau dia suda pakai, sya kasi post hehe..
      Ya ba, nasib baik sampai bah.. :)


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