28 February 2012

FEBRUARY..the month of LOVE

Tomorrow will be the last day of February.. So how was your February so far?.. 

We couldn't celebrate Valentine's Day this year because dear hubby had to attend a department meeting/course until late night in Kota Kinabalu. And plus I had to help him to cover a photography project at Kota Marudu.

It was last minute planned department meeting/course for hubby. Meanwhile a client had booked my hubby to be his official photographer on his engagement day a month earlier. Obviously hubby's meeting clashed with the photography project.

I still remember I posted about how I want to do photography thing again. So, I offered a help. Little Gabriel was sent to Putatan, to his Grandma.

Kind of nervous because I never deal with this thing before. I mean without my hubby. But I believe I can do it. Praise to GOD everything was fine.

And it was a history ever in my life. For the 1st time I drove to Kota Marudu all the way from Kota Kinabalu, to be exact right from the OneBorneo building because I had to send hubby to his meeting place first. It took about 2 hours to reached Kota Marudu. And of course I had to deal with the gravel road and holes on the pavement here and there along Ulu Kukut (on the way to KM).

I reached Marudu Inn (where the client celebrates his engagement ceremony) safely with my brother. There were just 2 of us to cover for the photography of the engagement ceremony.

These what I took on that day.:-

I purposely didn't reveal the couple faces here.. *wink wink*

By the way, I felt a bit sad because I couldn't spend precious time with dear hubby on Valentine's Day. Honestly, I never felt like this before over a Valentine's Day celebration.

 However, I comforted myself that there are things we can't avoid. Therefore, I accepted this in a positive way as there are more days to come. I mean, Valentine's Day could be everyday if you really want it.. Right?.. :D

Surprisingly, dearest hubby was thoughtful enough. As we reached home, he said he wanted to go to meeting again for the evening session. Rupanya meeting dia kena batal yang malam punya session. 

He returned home with a box of Valentine's cake for me. How sweet.. and he really knows my fav cake. Yes, it was chocolate cake..:)

A surprise Valentine's Day treat from dear hubby..:D

I really appreciate this. It his thought that counts. We were busy and I never thought he would find a time to do this for me. And he really did it.. :D

I thanked GOD for giving me this person in my life, and grateful enough for uniting me with this sweet man. GOD bless him. 

But I didn't do anything so far in return to this surprise treat LOL.. Yang penting I still be with him lovingly and still remember to wish him Valentine's day ba kan..hehe..:P

Okay, that is all for now. So how is your February?.. Write down. 
 I will come over to read it, definitely!. :D

Take care.



  1. Congrats.. Sudah pass jadi photographer :)

    1. Tq CathJ..tapi belum pass lg ni..masi baru belajar.. :)

  2. Cantik gambar & editing! :D Bravo Stel..

    How nice you hubby did that on such a special day kan. If I remember my V-day this year, hurm Harry prepared chicken porridge and added the century eggs in so it won't look that plain. Masih dalam pantang kan. Hehe!

    Alah, since I'm still in confinement this month, I have nothing special to share. Except yang bab menjaga si Ashley la.. Hee! Nanti palan-palan saya share di blog.

    1. TQ annie :D

      sweet juga ba ur hubby. What to do kan kalau time confinement..
      ba share ja..heehee

  3. Nice touch Stella. Nanti ko lah jadi my photographer for my wedding anniversary hehee..*crossing finger with the ceremony*

    Anyway, bravooo to you; driving to KM and limpas Ulu Kukut. Do you know how I hate to limpas Ulu Kukut? Will story2 later lah about this .

    1. thanks wyne. Bulih ba..kasi inform ja hehe..;)

      ba story2 la about Ulu Kukut..sya mo baca ;)

  4. Caya lah..Boleh jadi photographer sdh nie..heheh...Nice photo taken...

    1. Tq..saya budak baru belajar..LOL :)
      bnyk benda lagi mau kurik..

  5. sa rindu suda mau capture pic stelle but yeah sa punya 1kd camera need upgrade bh..tunggu lu la $$ n rezeki baru p gambar2 balik..he he

    1. Ba, kalau ada function blh ba ambil pic tu beaty. :D
      Ya, ngam la tu upgrade ko punya 1kd tu..hehe..dulu sya punya pun 1kd..skrg 550d.. Kunun mau upgrade lg ni..sama mo tambah external flash yg bulih trigger punya.. tapi betul ckp ko mau tggu $$ dulu ba.. hmm..

  6. Nothing much with my February. heh. just filled in with tasks, activities and so forth. btw, nice photos above :)

    how good to have a person like him in your life. always finding time to do sth like this, just to let his spouse to know how much he love you eventho days were busy enough and seemed like no room for things like this. but, he did it. very romantic! hehe :)

    1. ya..i am blessed to hv him..:) Praise to GOD :)


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