02 February 2012

Time Flies..

Hello dear friends,
It's the 2nd day of February 2012. Time flies really fast. I couldn't even imagine how time goes on and at the end of the day I found myself here sitting next to my grown up baby Gabriel.

I still remember carrying him in a wrap. But now here is he.. sitting, laughing, rolling, laying up side down. Dan yang paling ketara, he likes to seek for attention. Kalau tidak kena peduli, terus yelling menangis ni..doii.. LOL.. he become active nowadays. He is 5 months old now and there's a lot of progress to see day by day.

Definitely I thank GOD for this miracle of life. A precious gift that I'll never get from just anywhere. I am still in the learning phase of being a mother. I hope as time goes by, I'll become wiser and reaching towards a better mother as to my dear son. 

Lil' Gabriel is watching his fav show. :)

You'll realize your lil baby is grown up when you see he's enjoying his favorite show. :)

That's it for now.
Have a blessed week ahead. :D


  1. have a wonderful day Stella...love is all around...

  2. OH MY!!.. baby Gabriel is so comel oh tengok cerita peberet dia.. ha ha ha.. kasi can sa dukung dia.. tolong!!

  3. punya cute ni..pandai suda tingu tu ipad kan

  4. Mother's love cannot be replaced with anything! :) it's a great experience stella and now we know how our mothers feel dulu2 kan :) and can't wait for my turn :)

  5. I sure can relate to that! I cried everytime i have to remove her tiny baby clothes for storage and thinking oh dear me, my little precious is getting older by the day and soon she will start to walk and that's it mummy and daddy is going to lose it by then...that's why everyday is ever so precious and a photo a day is enough to give me the souvenirs when they are all grown up then! Have a blessed day Stella and family especially for little Gabriel :)

  6. Jue:
    same to u..

    bulih ba hehehe :)

    iya hehe..

    ya, cant wait to see ur turn. Ba cepat2 :)

    true, i'm taking his pic everyday too.. it is really precious to know his progress everyday.. time really flies so fast..


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