04 February 2012

Struggling.. but not anymore

For the last 2 weeks, I found myself struggling with food. I was struggling to avoid taking much food. And it was really hard. Yes, true.. it was very very very hard. It seems that I have this chronic illness, because I couldn't stop thinking about food. 

Can you imagine I would think about food for every 1 to 2 hours. Lapar tidak bertempat LOL.. asyik2 fikir mau makan saja.. rasa macam mau makan sesuatu saja. Penat otak saya mau lawan the craving of food..

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I really don't have idea on why I been through this. "What happened to me?" This question always appeared in my mind. 

Hubby pun jadi tekanan sebab balik2 saya cakap mau makan sesuatu. As if I am a pregnant lady pula LOL.. I've never been like this before (except during pregnant Lah..). I struggled to avoid food due to advice by hubby. Hari-hari saya kena sound oleh dia.. Dia ckp nanti saya jadi gumuk..doiii.. That was scary me!!

But now I am okay already. Thank GOD, all back to normal. I'm not crave for food anymore. Really praise to GOD. 

Thank you GOD for hearing my prayer. ;)

I wonder why I craved for food so much. Is that because the changes of hormone or it is normal for a mother who gave birth to a baby?.. Hmm..really don't have a clue.


  1. Hello there ^^

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    feel free to join kio....hehee

  2. I think it's normal after giving birth to baby... uisheh, macam la sia tau kan.

    Well, good la everything's okay already.

    Unfortunately, I'm craving for food a lot of times. Hahaa.

    Happy Sunday, Stella!

    1. maybe gitu la tu kan armstrong..hmm..doii ko pula mcm ada experience kan LOL

  3. Bagus lah..if you can control yourself already..Nanti kalau gemuk...laki cari lain oo..huuh...Take care!

  4. Oh same here! I'm so worried too as if i want food all the time i reckon it must be hormones after giving birth just like what Armstrong is saying. I still have 3 more KG to lose before starting on baby # 2 :) Btw, how did you manage your cravings Stella? or did it just stop on it's own? share2 LAH tips kalau ada kio :)

    Btw, Armstrong , thanks for visiting my blog and gave a comment. would love to return the favour just that i couldnt find your blog anyways, thanks.

    1. Actually I can say it did stop on its own. Because during the craving time , I eat small portion of food only but many times. I didnt took terus satu kali bnyk..

      Lepas tu kan tiba2 hilang suda tu craving. Thank GOD..

  5. do you breastfeed your baby? if yes, then that's the reason why you crave for foods. body need extra calory for energy n to produce milk. if not bf, than mybe it's just bcz of hormone after pregnancy.

    1. I did not breastfeed my baby anymore. So, it would be due to hormone changes after pregnancy, isn't it.. ;)

  6. I have no idea why but when I was breastfeeding Alva I did have a huge appetite :) Glad things got better now. Take care :)


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