19 September 2011

My Giving Birth Story- PART 1

Hi everyone.. It's been a long time. 
Yes, I didn't update my blog for about a week plus. This confinement period plus taking care of newborn restrain me from spending a lot of time for blogging job.

However, now i am taking this short opportunity of time while my dearest baby boy is sleeping. Hope he sleeps a little longer right now..hehe

So, today i would like to share with you my giving birth experience. 

I went for doctor review on the 22nd August 2011. According to the ultrasound scan, doctor said the baby was still not engaged. My estimated delivery date was supposed to be on the 24th August 2011. However, i didn't feel any major contraction or something like that. 

Doctor suggested me to go for CTG process on the 24th August 2011 and he said i might be induced to bring on the contraction in order to go for labor. My heart was pounded as soon as i heard the word "induce" because it was rumored that the induce process contributing much more contraction pain than natural contraction.

As suggested by doctor, i went for CTG process on the 24th August. The CTG result showed that the baby heartbeat was slow and weak. Doctor asked me to come again to hospital the next day. He said i had to be induced to speed up the labor process which is mean, I should delivered my baby the very next day. He advised hubby and me that there is a risk to wait the labor to start on its own because the baby's heartbeat was weak. So, we accepted the doctor's advice.

Back at home, 24th August 2011 night,  suddenly I felt contraction during bedtime. I can't sleep the whole night. The contraction was not that bad, but due to the uncomfortable feeling, i can't put my eyes closed.

The next day, hubby and me went to Rafflesia Medical Centre. We headed straight to 1st floor. The nurse in charge checked my case notes and asked me to labor room for CTG and as well as checking the dilation. 

I remember she questioned me , " ada rasa sakit sudah ka?.. " I straightly answered I just felt the contraction the very night before. She asked me to change attire; have to wear hospital's cloth. And i noticed there was a blood spot on my pant means there's a sign of labor already..

Okay that is My Giving Birth Story for part 1.
to be continued.. :D


  1. 1st preg, sy kena induce masuk ubat, 2nd preg sy buat natural induce (sexual intercourse since sy suda dilate to 1cm..sy baca dlm internet, so sy try n berkesan..the very next day started to feel contraction terus beranak.. :) Bah sambung part 2

  2. wah,congrate...
    saya pernah sambut baby sebab kami masa posting di dewan bersalin n memang dasyat.. sy yg rasa sakit nii... huhu
    however mmg sy tabik spring to every mom!

  3. yay! part 2 pls :)

    @Kenny: natural induce pula tu hehe

  4. Stel -- sya mau kasi kau ni award bah. I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD. Kalo ko free ko pi la lawat2 ni link kio. Ada sikit2 la sya tulis2 pasal kau.. :-)


    God bless!

  5. Begitu pula.. Huah sa indatau yang mine ni nanti macamana. Hehe! Ada juga sa pernah dengar yg pasal mesti beranak sebab baby punya heartbeat sudah weak.. Bah, part 2 :D

  6. wah..nda sabar mau baca part 2. dulu sya nsib baik deliver 2 days b4 due..

  7. Interesting.. X sabar mo baca part 2.. ;p

  8. trus si Aki mo rasa tu excitement oh.. hm,mo kawin capat and suruh si Sumandak beranak la ni.. :-p

  9. I never had induce masuk ubat. Tapi sa allow the nurse to kasi pecah the 'katung air'...of course using the hospital special tools lah. XDXD Seriously, I don't feel pain at all but when the contraction begin...ngeh ngeh ngeh.

    p/s This kind of experiences sangat precious kan (^^)

  10. Kenny:
    Ko pernah kena induce pula.. Wow..nnti second baby sya mau ikut ko punya tips for natural induce tu hehehe :P

    wow..ada pengalaman suda sambut baby.. itu la pengorbanan seorang ibu, bertarung nyawa melahirkan anak :)

    alright! :)

    Rose Ragai:
    ok, bulih ba klu kau ;P

    Ya begitu la tu. Risk for the baby..nnti x blh di selamatkan pula..so kena kasi beranak cepat. Hope yours nnti all is fine. GOD bless :D

    Wah bgs ko beranak awal..sya ni overdue..

    ms d33 d33:
    ba tunggu.....part 2! :P

    Ba cepat2 kawin la Aki..sya mo tingu muka baby ko hehe :P

    Ya ba wyne, when the contraction begin..aduyaiii Tuhan seja la yg tau hehe :P

    Okay! Tunggu......... :D

  11. psstt... nda jadi kena induce ba kan?? ba, part 2..

  12. Blood spot? Oh my...scary...my mum said yang contraction part yang the painful one...how painful is it?

  13. wei stelle..dei induce tu sakit ka stelle? deii

    bh sa mau dengar cerita lagi ni cpat2 sambung part 2

  14. yayyy..ada sda cerita.. :) hehe..kasi tidur si baby ko lama sikit supaya bleh smbung part 2 nanti a.. :)hehe..bulih2 pla.


  15. sa suka dgr org ceta psl dorang pnya giving birth experience.. rs takut+x sabar mau mengandung+mcm2 lg prsn..hehe..HOpefully by next year sa pn bole sharing my experience too..hehe

  16. ehhh,,ada baby baru!! welcome the world..sepa nama dia??

  17. My 1st pregnancy saya kena induce. Last last kena C'Section.
    2nd - Ada appointment sudah for C'Section.
    3rd - Water broke tapi kena juga C'section.

  18. Hi Stella... Hihi... New experience ar... Thanks God that you and the staring okay... What a joyful moment right... How's Richard? The staring start nakal sdah kah tu? Hehehe...

  19. I know it's silly tapi sia tiba-tiba ada terbayang macamna sia ada baby on the way ni... sia brabis jaga bini sia tu kali hahaa.

    Happy Sunday, Stella!

  20. Just:
    Ko baca part 2 lah dulu hihi

    Ya mmg painful tu hihi...

    Tu induce kasi ta,bah sakit ba tu, supaya cpt beransk hihi. Jd mmg sakit la...

    Ok hihihi

    Ya, sya pun mo baca experience ko.. Blog it out ok :D

    Gabriel Aiden nama dia..

    Oh 3 anak ko kena ceasar pula..

    The staring makin nakal sdh oh..richard ok ba,sihat ba dia..hihi

    Ada sdh tu part 2.. :)

    Bgs la ko berabis jaga bini ko..jgn seja ko pengsan nmpk darah hihi


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