10 October 2011

Our Baby's Fullmoon

I supposed to write about my giving birth experience part 2, but i guess i better post about our baby's fullmoon celebration first. I am gonna post about the birth experience later after this post. So sorry for the delay okay.. I am totally occupied with my little boy that i hardly to spend time to update my blog.

Well, about the fullmoon celebration, we (hubby and I) decided to celebrate it at the Jack & Pot Cafe in Penampang. It was on 25th September 2011 at 1pm. I am really grateful baby Gabriel really tidak bnyk karenah masa tu.. He fell asleep all along the celebration. Ada juga dia terbangun, but still okay..tidak juga dia nangis..hehe..

Most of relatives that attended the celebration wanted to carry baby Gabriel. Back at home, baby Gabriel slept for over 4 hours that evening till the next morning without milk. I guess he was really tired because of kena ganti-ganti org pigi dukung dia hehe.. sian dia..

Okay, it is always best to let photos to do the talking. Here they are.. :D

 Baby Gabriel with Grandpa

 With Grandmas..

 The whole family..

 with grandma, aunty and uncle..

That is all for now. Have a blessed week ahead. 
Thanks for visiting here. :D


  1. Suka itu cake! So cute! Happy full moon to ur baby!:)

  2. happy to see your happy faces and happy family...

    blessed full moon to baby Gabriel. God bless...


  3. Happy Full Moon to baby Gab... ;) O kalo dia besar sikit suda, Gabby. Hahaa suka-suka ja sia kasi nickname.

    Itu kek! posing sama dengar gambar dia :D

    Happy Tuesday, Stella!

  4. Happie fullmoon to ur precious baby boy... ;)

  5. wa~ 1 month already~ happy fullmoon baby gab~ hapPY family and you look pretty even after one month giving birth! ada petua ka ni?? hehehe

  6. Happy fullmoon baby Gab...so cute tu pic sana dinding...i like!

  7. Happy Full Moon Baby Gab.. Cute oh tu cake, post tu sma gambar dia oh... huhuhu..

  8. Happy full moon baby Gabriel. moga sihat selalu :D

  9. comelnya itu cake... siok oo kalau baby nda meragam. my kids seja ni bnyk betul ragam. huhuhu..

  10. Happy Full Moon to ur baby stella..
    so cute :)

  11. cantik kamu hias itu background..and the cake looks sooo cute :)

    take care aa..mummy n baby hehe

  12. tu cake misti sadap kan..

    ai 1 bulan suda pula c BB Gab kan...wah..Happy Full Moon to BB gab kan..

  13. wah.. sekejap seja.. sudah 1 bulan kan..

    hapi fullmoon to gabriel..

    take care stella..

  14. Isabel:
    Sya pun suka tu kek hihi tq..

    Rose ragai:
    Tq rose..Gbu too.. Hugs!

    Ah ko ni suka2 ja kasi nickname hihihi.. Tp cute jg ba tu nickname hehe. Tu la kebetulan sama tu posing tu hihi

  15. Ms d33 b33:
    Tq moi..hehe

    Ya, cpt kan masa berlalu hihi.. Petua? Hmm.. Mcm teda oh..mcm besa ja sya ni hehe

    Tq..cute kan.. Hubby sya yg deco tu hihi..simple ja

    Tq.. :) cute kan.. :D

  16. Akemi:
    Tq.. God bless :)

    Comel kan tu kek.. Pandai jg dia meragam ni Just. Ikut mood dia..

    Tq moi.. :)

    Tq.. Hubby sya yg deco tu.. Gbu too n baby..

  17. Beaty:
    Ys sedap ba tu kek.. Cpt kan masa berlalu..hihi.. Tq

    Thnks..cpt kan masa berlalu..u take care too :D

  18. Cantik tu kek. It reminded me with my sister punya baby. Tidak sempat buat baby dia punya fullmoon sebab my sister tidak dpt pulang malaysia then kami pun tidak dpt lawat dia. Kasian oh,hopefully kalau dorang punya second baby can do like yours :)

    Happy Fullmoon to your son :)

  19. Happy full moon, baby! May God bless you always :)

    p/s: I love the cake. Very creative!

  20. wah ur baby kiut oo.congrats.the cake menggoda.sy suka ni gmbr.

  21. stella, punya kiut gambar2 baby gabriel. yg sa paling suka, yg macam tu kek deco :) ur son's 2nd name sama mcm 2nd name anak adik sa ^__^ ba, nda lama ur son 1 tahun sda tu (nda rasa tu..hehe)

  22. the backdrop, the cake, aww so cute! x sdr kn 1month od baby gabriel..mcm bru sj sy bc ur pre-delivery story, tup2 nw 1month sdh dia..hw time flies..:)

    Blessed full moon baby Gabriel! God bless u n family sis! :)


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