12 October 2011

My Giving Birth Story- PART 2

I guess many of you waiting for the part 2 story. So sorry for the delay. Ini lah ni kalau ada baby kecil, susah betul mau berblogging. Even blogwalking pun limited time saja. I hope i can spend more time on blog after this. I promise myself to do so.

Ok, here is the giving birth story part 2. 

As i changed my attire to a hospital's cloth, i noticed there was a blood spot on my pantyliner. And the nurse said, " Nah ada darah suda tu..? ". I was very happy. I thought due to the blood spot and available contraction, there's no need for me to go for induce. 

The nurse checked my cervix, it was dilated only 1cm. I was put on CTG machine to monitor the heartbeat of my baby as well as my contraction pattern. The contraction reading increasing from 30 to 70 and 100. The nurse said."nah ada suda contraction ko tu.. tinggi tu..". But honestly, the contraction really not bad at all, i still can smile and still can bear the pain.

I remembered the day before, doctor suggested me to go for induce using prostaglandin, which is a suppository or tampon like substance will be placed in or near my cervix during a vaginal exam.

However, the nurse said i might not be induced because there is a sign of labor already such as the blood spot and available contraction. I feel relieved to hear the nurse said so.

It was 9.30 am. Doctor still not appear in the labor room. The nurse reported to doctor about my recent condition via phone. And the doctor said, i had to go for induce but not using prostaglandin method, instead i will be induced using pitocin which is sort of liquid that will be dripped into my hand through IV line. 

"Okay, i had to accept this", I told my heart and push myself to merged on a positive mind. "This should be fine", i told this repeatedly to myself. Thanks to my hubby, he was there all along the process. He gave me strength and encouraged me to stay in positive mind.

At last, i was dripped with that pitocin which a method of induce to cause my contraction even harder (according to the nurse). And i waited and waited till the contraction become harder as well as waited until my cervix dilated to 9-10cm. 

And it is true, the pain really bad. The contraction become more harder. The nurse said, "kalau tidak tahan, cakap seja ok..nanti saya inject ko ubat tahan sakit, tapi ini ubat tidak kasi hilang sakit 100 peratus ok.." And trust me, i requested the painkiller 2 times due to the unbearable pain.

Okay that's it for My Giving Birth Story- PART 2

To be continued.. My Giving Birth Story- PART 3.

Thank you for reading my story. :D



  1. Aiyayai...sounds painful...salut to all mothers who gave birth!

  2. Wow. Labour pain. Yes. Let's hug our mothers. :')

  3. bikin suspen post ko tau..haha.

  4. duiii... kena induce jg pula... tp drip should be ok la kan.. tp sampai 2x kali ko minta painkiller. sia dua2 kali pun teda painkiller oo.. mmg kena offer tu apa tu.. tiba2 lupa.. yg jab d tulang blkg tu ba.. tp sia refuse. lgpun, the kira cepat jg proses sia kan.. so, still bearable la... ba,, part 3 capat! ;p

  5. Hi stella... Wahhhh sudah deliver rupanya... Congrats to you.... Take care and have a good confinement month... :)

  6. V:
    Mmg painful..sya salute mom sya trus oh, 6 org kami dia kasi delivered..

    Yes..hugs :)

    Bikin suspen ka..hihihi

    Ya kena induce. Boleh thn ko oh tdk guna painkiller.. Yg jab belakang tulang tu nama dia Epidural tu just. Itu Epidural saya teda kena offer..

    Ya, 1 bln lebih sdh ni cath..limpas sdh confinement sya hihi..

  7. Uinah ko ni kan kc suspen ooo...igtkan ni final part, rupanya ada lg part 3...huhu. Bah capat update lg...ekekek

  8. best nya klu ble pkai painkiller.. aku time sakit btul tuh trus tbayang mama sndri yg mengasi lahir kami smpai 7 org..insaf trus..:(

  9. inducer ka pula yg dorang bgi thru our hands tu? dulu sya pun ada tu kena msuk di tngan but I thot air only. i didn't ask n the nurse didn't tell anything. but the pain during labour was truly painful la, menggigil badan, tapi nda kena bagi painkiller.

    will wait for the next part.:)

  10. nda sabar sa mo baca part 3 bah.. hehe..

  11. yeah..i heard org kena bagi some sort like inducer memang kesakitan ni..waiting for part 3~

  12. painful owh kan stelle... erm sa ni kurang oasti bh...sebeb blm prana branak kan..he he ..tu induced tu sakit ka tu ahh..deii..

    dei bilang mama sa tu blkg kan sakit ni kalu mau beranak suda ermm but thank god everything was fine n bb Gab also fine..bah ko sambung part 3

  13. sounds really pain ohh.. 2 times painkiller, mcm sya pun dpt rasa ni ngilu ngilu d perut.. omgg.. haha.. anyways, ada sdh hasil dri pengorbanan kan :D tu baby gab~!

  14. Congrats...tapi meremang jugalah bulu roma saya dengar experience ko ni hehehe...

  15. memeljoan:
    haha suspen ko aa..terlampau pjg ba nnti kalau mau kasi abis skrg juga..hihi

    ko dulu teda kena offer painkiller ka?..aduiyai..

    ko teda pakai painkiller..tahan jg ko oh.. sya pula pusing kiri kanan suda menahan sakit, tp tidak juga menggigil badan lah..

    Part 3 will be posted soon :)

    Ya, bnyk org ckp gitu..skali sya rasa sendiri bah..nah..aduiyai..punya sakit..

    u will experience it one day. Dont forget to blog it out juga k..:)

    Walk the talk:
    Ya..betul cakap ko, ada hasil dr pengorbanan.. memang baby Gabriel ni yg bg sya kekuatan utk mengharungi pengorbanan ni.. :)

    TQ.. jgn ko meremang ba hihi..Lain org, lain dia punya experience ba.. :)

  16. siok baca pengalaman org bsalin ni.. tp mcm scary plak..alamak..

  17. scary but beautiful experience... ;P

  18. Sakit yang berbaloi kan...I heard from yang ada experience about this giving birth, once you saw the baby terus hilang tu sakit :)

  19. Aww :') Baby and mommy picture looks so beautiful. :) Sorry for the late comment. Happy holiday to you. :)


  20. thanks God everything okay.. my 2nd pregnancy was induce when going to deliver baby too..But my cases was overdue and no pain sign of labor. My second daughter was sleeping. When i got the sign on and off, she slept doc's that the choice i have. Yes the pain extremely stronger then the pain killer. I can feel that 2x more pain then normal without that induce. Then i got epidural, which giving side effect. So every labor will be different in each pregnancy.

  21. Wency:
    Siok kan hihihi..

    Ms d33 b33:
    Indeed.. :)

    It is a true story hihi..

    It's ok..thanks.. :)

    I wonder how is if there is no induce applied, mcm x terlampau sakit berbanding yg induce kan...


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