30 July 2011

Thank You!!

Hello dear friends, 
It is Saturday and i have received a parcel today. I am so happy and excited to received the parcel. A Facebook friend of mine is so sweet! I didn't really expected she'll sent such gifts. 

She did told me to sent something to me for my future newborn baby. But honestly, i didn't expected such gifts. I feel blessed and touched.. What touched me the most is almost part of the stuffs she sent come with a note that she wrote herself, kind of informative notes.

Avila Maidi, a mother of two cute lil' girls really touched my heart. Of course, i accept those gifts with open heart and planning that one day will return her the same, i mean my heart keep telling me to do something in return to her. 
Lagipun siok juga ba kan exchange gifts ni.. :D

 A 33cm (Width) x 44cm (Length) cute paper bag

 Sent by Avila Maidi, a Facebook friend

Inside the paper bag

 Diapers for newborn.. 
Actually comes with two brands, Mami Poko and Pet Pet.

 Anti-colic baby bottle

 Baby shower

 Baby swaddle

Baby bib

Baby rompers, hat, mittens and socks.

 Pacifiers with sterilizer case

The whole gifts.. :D

Thank you so much to Avila for her generosity. I really appreciate it. Honestly, we never met each other, only communicate through Facebook and her generosity really touched me. 

Thanks again Avila, may GOD bless you and the whole family. I hope you read this post.. :D

Did you make someone smile today?.. Avila did it to me.. :)

Till then, have a fun weekend. :)


  1. Waaa she's so generous! The gifts are complete! You're so lucky to have such friend, Stella. ^^

  2. wah rasanya tidak perlu ko beli lagi dalam masa terdekat ni..wah memang murah hati ur friend n kan

  3. waa.. lucky u!! complete ni smua ada..beg ready n now all the thingy pn ready sdh. now u jst have to wait for the moment to come. take care!! ;)

  4. Omigosh...that's so sweet of her!! You're so lucky,Stella! I really love dia punya hand-written notes..may God bless her ;-)

  5. Heheee...Thanks Stella For the Post...& Hope You Love all Those simple Gift Of Mine.. Alalaa...itu Notes pun kena tayang...buruk lagi tu hand writing tu... Lot Of Love Avila

  6. Aw, what a good friend you have there Stel. Sa pun tumpang happy ni.. Hehe! That's nice of her..

  7. Wah...bestnya sis...

    Sis..ko tinggal di Country Height??sempat bah tengok alamat..hahaaa...kalo ya...what a small world...kita berjiran..adeii...hahaa

  8. punya best.. :) u r so lucky :)

  9. Aemy:
    Ya, indeed.. i feel touched..:)

    Ya bnyk oh!

    Ya da yg sya rasa x perlu beli lg..:) Murah hati kan..:)

    Ya, i feel so lucky..:) U r right, now waiting for the moment pula..

    Ya, me too..ada handwritten notes tu yg buat sya terharu..Thnks for visiting here..:)

    I love all the gift..:) Thanks Again.. May GOD bless you and the whole family..Haha..ya sya kasi tayang tu notes ko bg hehehe..:P Lots of Love from me too..:D

    Ya, indeed nice of her... Gembira kan..:)

    Ya, mmg best. Ya sya stay d country height. Wow berjiran pula kita ni aa.. I never know oh..hehe

    Ya best.. Ya feel blessed.:)
    U take care nc..Nda lama lg ko kan..:)
    All the best.

  10. Oh my oh my... kawan FB give you all those? :O wow, she's really cool haaha.

    I like the bear (Bear ba tu kan), mata besar, cute ;D

    Wa satu set ba dia bagi tu... suru kawan ko yang lain nda paya bagi present la, ada suda cukup bilang. WAKAKAA kidding kidding.

  11. wow.. you're so lucky.. Send my regards to ur friend.. She's a wonderful woman..

  12. Wahhh....sioknya ;) she's so nice. Anyway, please take care of your health. sa punya adik pun mau ada baby nnt by nov. sama2 la kamu ni taun...

  13. so nice ur friend. Mst ko happy btul2 kan dpat all those present for baby.. :) Anyway take care.. :)

  14. Punya la siok dpt 1set complete gift but the notes mmg paling manang stel! :)

  15. Armstrong:
    Ya dia bagi..itu bear tu paperbag tu ko nmpk haha.. Really nice of her kan..:)

    Wency Jelson:
    Thanks..Indeed wonderful woman. ok will do..:)

    ok..wah adik ko pun x lama lg deliver.. Prayer for her :)

    ya nice of her..mmg happy oh!..:)

    itu notes mmg paling manang..hehe!

  16. wow..untungnya ko..she's so nice..ngam sdh tuh goodie bag dia..xpyh sdh ko beli byk2 lg hihi..good luck becoming a new mummy :)

  17. tuttifruity:
    ya..tu la tu..hehe.. btw, thanks for visiting here..:)


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