13 July 2011

Good News!

Hello everyone.. How is your day today?..
Thank GOD today's weather seem very cloudy compared to yesterday.

Last Monday (it's the day before yesterday), i went to RMC (Rafflesia Medical Centre) for my regular visit. As usual doctor scanned my tummy, took my weight and urine test. He did a blood test too to check my Hb.

My weight is 60.3kg and Hb (hemoglobin) reading is 10.7. Meanwhile, the baby's weight is 2.1kg plus minus 300gram. I am so happy that my Hb reading is not low anymore because last time it was 9.0 only. I guess it must be because of the iron supplement i took regularly as suggested by doctor, 'Saferon' (the name of the iron supplement) which contained 100mg iron. 

My body weight slightly decreased, before this 60.5kg but the nurse said it's not a huge problem. As long as baby weight increase, it should be ok; the baby weight rises about 600gram.

And the good news that really makes me happy is that, the baby now is not in breech position anymore. Thank GOD, he is now in ideal position for labor. Can you imagine the baby did not moved or turned to any position since it was in week 23. Doctor said it seem he's been anchored into that position. And through his (the doctor) experiences, it is most likely the baby won't be turning anymore. 

I am really worried by hearing the word that came out from the doctor's mouth. He suggested me to go for ECV process ( a process to turn the baby into ideal position for birth and should be done by a specialist doctor only). Honestly i don't want to go through that process. I rather prefer the baby turn naturally.

The normal and breech position of baby.

But now i am really grateful that the baby is now in normal position. I hope it will last until the day of delivery. Some said he can still turn back again because my pregnancy now is only week 34. Have to wait and see until week 36-37. Pray that he will not turn breech again.

I did some exercises actually to turned the my lil cute one into normal position. Yes, you can turn the baby into normal position through some method of exercises. Will share with you/ blog about it in my next post.

It's 10.30pm now and i am going to bed. See you again in the next post. :D


  1. Hi Stel! Wah you're waiting for labour already kah? When is your expected due? ;-)

    Have a good rest, mummeh!

  2. AnnieMing:
    Sya baru week 34 ni.. Tidak lama lagi lah tu kan... :D

    U take care too :D

  3. wah lama tak datang ziarah stella.

    paling penting,jaga kesihatan kamu ok.

  4. Take care ah stelle.wah dekat suda kan ko deliver.. tu mau tunggu minggu lagi ni..

  5. Ghost writer:
    Thanks for visiting here.
    Ya, will jaga kesihatan ni..:)

    Ya betul tu..x lama lagi ni..:)
    Thanks.Pray for me..

  6. Hi Stella... Ermmm... Usually, around week 36 and above bah tu... So, be prepare lah around 2 more week... Hehehe... The Staring is almost coming... Celebrate... Let us Celebrate... Yeahhh... Kasi post gambar staring ko nanti ar stella... Tidak sabar mau tengok dia ni... Hehe...

    Anyway, jaga kesihatan... Yeahhh... Kirim salam dengan Richard... Hehe...

  7. MosepA:
    ya betul tu 36 weeks and above.
    Ba jan risau, nnti sya blog out about it juga and of course ada gmbr baby..:)

    Will send ur regard to richard.
    U take care ok :D

  8. hye2! waa 2more weeks to go. xsedar o kn. how time flies. ba take care ko r. pray for u n baby too. dnt worry too much. evrythng will b ok jg tu. God bless u n the lil' one! :)

  9. wah, ndak lama lagi tu. anyway, take care ya. I pray that u and the baby will be fine in His care. =)

  10. hi stel.. mmg mula2 ja ba breech tu pastu pandai pusing ba tu.. itu yg sia dgr la..

    btw, everytime sia ada review kan, a nite before kan sia misti minum sup bayam.. itu HB confirm naik tu.. :)

    you take care aa..

  11. Cindy:
    2 weeks for full term tu.. Masi ada 6 weeks lg..in fact 5 weeks plus.. :)
    Thanks for ur pryer.

    Thanks... Thanks for ur prayer.:)GBU.

    Ya ba..mula2 breech. Doktor pun ada ckp. Tapi bikin suspen juga sebab ni baby sya statik ba, nda pandai ubah posisi dia, sampai doktor pun predict he might be breech sampai week 36. Aduiyaii... btw, thank GOD suda ubah pigi normal.

    Oh petua ko mkn bayam pula kasi naik Hb.. :D


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