08 July 2011

I'm in Week 33

Yes, now i am in week 33. In fact i'll be turning to week 34 in 2 days. So what is happening to baby and mom in week 33?..

As i refer to Pitterpatter.com.my, here are the info about mom and baby in week 33 pregnancy.

What is happening to my baby?
The baby’s skin is beginning to plump out due to fat being deposit underneath the skin. Its skin looks less red and wrinkly. At this stage the baby measures about 43cm and weighs 2kg.
What is happening to me?
The top of my uterus is now about 5 inches above my belly button. I may notice a yellowish substance coming out of your nipples. This is called colostrum or pre-milk. It is the type of milk is produced by the breast in the first few days after delivery. It is much thicker.
To be honest, my tummy now getting heavier day by day. It's hard to do some movement during bedtime. I mean if i turn my body to left and right, it's getting harder because of the heavy tummy. 

Sometime i feel strange at the lower part of my abdomen too. Mcm ada rasa sakit-sakit, but still can tahan la... My weight now is 60.5kg. My leg also getting slightly swelled but it's in mild condition. Actually the swelling leg not that bad because it's on and off.

The baby also quite active. He always kicking and moving inside there. Maybe tidak sabar suda mau keluar hahaha.. To be frank,saya pun tidak sabar suda mau kasi keluar dia ni.. hehe..:P 

Hmm..it's 7 weeks to go. Can't wait, but at the same time i feel the nervousness too. I hope all in smooth condition when the day come.
Pray for me okay.. ;P

Here i share with you my progress condition. :D

Till then have a great weekend.. :D


  1. comelnya tgk stel pregnant.. =)

  2. sia rasa sia teda gmbr time preggy yg sweet oo... gmbr ko sia tgk sweet ja semua. :)

    so, the gender apa? He ka? btw, ko sdh pack hospital bag?

    Time ni every nite sia sip a teaspoon of minyak kelapa spy sinang beranak kunun. You take care stel.

  3. You are at your 33 weeks but you still looks sexy :) :)

    Don't worry things will be okay. So have you done with your pack? I mean baby clothes,small baby towel,booties,cap,emergency milk powder just in case you can't breastfeeding him/her,milk bottle in one bag?

    P/S which hospital you are going? Just make sure you choose the right one :)

  4. wah besar suda perut..wah mcm tambah comel sa nampak ko ni tau

    orang ckp kan kalay pregnant kan memng tambah kiut tau

  5. beautiful mama-to-be! cute oh gambar preggers kau ;-)

  6. Nurul Aini:
    Ye ke?..TQ aini..:)

    Ba next pregnancy ko ambil gmbr bnyk2 la Just.. :) Ya gender dia boy ni hehe.. Blm pack lg, mau ready2 la ni.
    Ya ka, berkesan ka tu minyak kelapa?.. mo try la..

    Seaweed & Pumpkin:
    Really?.. tq..tq..hehe.
    I didn't pack things yet. Will pack things after this.. soon. :) Thanks for your concern. I am planning to deliver at Rafflesia Medical Center.

  7. Beaty:
    Ya ka..? Comel sebab tu perut bulat2 ba hehe.. Nnti ko pun gitu tu Beaty.. :P

    Tq..tq.. :)
    Tq for visiting here too. :D

  8. Hi Stel,

    Again u look great! Ur perut nampak bulat ni and people sed if bulat will be baby boy... take care dear!

  9. comel ape.
    susah nya mau cari blogger sabah huh

  10. Happy 34th week Stella! ;)

    60kg? LOL you know ka sia 70. Bukan baby dalam, tapi makanan and air itula sampai 70 kali wakakaa.

    I always wondered how does it feel like to feel a baby's kick. I'm looking forward to feeling that kick from my own Junior Arms :D

  11. All the best Stella :)

    Frankly speaking, I am jealous (~~) My friend also pregnant sudah, apalagi bertambah lah perasaan tu (~~)

    I don't know, sejak akhir-akhir ni I always imagine myself pregnant. Sampai seru sudah mungkin nie, kena suruh kawin cepat-cepat...

  12. Vera Peter:
    Thanks.Ya ka?..perut bulat baby boy ka?..hehee

    ada bnyk la blog sabahan..u just try to find it.

    Yup, week 34. Ok la ba tu 70kg haha..
    Ba capat2 kawin hehehe..:P

    Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Tu la sampai seru suda la tu Jane. Bah capat2 la kawin trus buat baby hehe..:P

  13. u look great.. :) bah,, nda lama lagi kita ni.. hehe..
    take double care a..

  14. waaa....
    sya belum pregnant pun sudah mau 60kg berat, ada kemungkinankah naik lebih 70kg tu nanti? Matailah mau kasi turun berat kalau gitu..huhuhuh

  15. Wah stella... Tinggal 3 minggu lagi lah tu kan kalau sya tdk silap... Biasa cukup bulan ialah 36 bln kan... Hehe... Staring mau kluar sudah tu... Hehehe... Tdk sabar mau tgk gambar staring ko stella... Hehe... Jaga Kesihatan kio... Yeahhh...

  16. Nc:
    TQ..ya nda lama lg kita ni..all the best :)

    Kalau weight ko awal2 ialah 60kg, mmg ada kemungkinan naik pigi 70kg tu. Purata berat naik ialah 12kg-15kg.. :D

    Ya betul, Cukup bulan ada 3 minggu lg. Berdebar-debar ni.. saya pun nda sabar lg mau tingu staring sya ni hehe.. Jgn risau, nnti sya blog about it juga. :D


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