21 June 2011


Hello everyone.. It's been long time i didn't update here.. It's not that i am really busy, but you know this pregnant lady, makin hari makin cepat penat..hehe
So, it takes time for me to set up a post.. After all, the celcom broadband punya line pun selalu out..isssh..tensen pun ada juga.
But don't worry i'll keep updating as soon as i can..

So today i would like to introduce you this RICELLA RICLAIRE blog. It is an online shop owned by me.. Actually it had been set up for a long time.. Tp baru sekarang mau intro kunun hehe.. SO, if you ada free time boleh la visit2 tu online shop saya.. (for those yg belum visit la hehe). I will update new dress/blouse collections from time to time.. Handbags and ladies shoes will coming soon.. still in process.. ;)

Just click at the banner below

 You can also add RICELLA RICLAIRE facebook,

And i would like to say thank you very much to theborneoblogshop.blogspot.com (owned by Nancy Peter) for featuring my online shop in her blog.

Okay, that is all for now.. 
Have a blessed week....... :)

p/s: Don't forget visit2 blogshop saya k..hehe


  1. oh.. tengah preggy kah?? wow.. congrats... will visit your shop soon ya..

    take care.. ^_^

  2. I already pay it a visit! Nice oh.. Nanti sa mail ko kalau ada anything sa mau beli dari ko ah.. ;-D

  3. Again, congratz for the shop! Ba, you take care kio.. :D

  4. wah..berbisniss owh kamu kan...hehe..nanti sa tingu kalau ada berkenan d hati ahh,...

  5. wah nice, bah nanti se visit... mana ko beli tu baju2 tu, sendiri beli kah? anyway, saw ur pixies di fb, u look great! :)

  6. CathJ:
    Thanks for visiting here :)
    Ya preggy :) ba visit2 aa..

    Wow, thanks aa Annie :)

    TQ Just.......U too :)

    Orait.. on seja hehe

    TQ..visit2 aa..:)
    Ya sendiri beli..ada la tu supllier hehe.. TQ..look great ka aiseh..:P

  7. i like the name of ur blogshop :) Ricella Riclaire..bulih jadi nama org ni.. hehe..

    thnks for mentioning The Borneo Blog Shop here ya.. sa inda update tu skg.. kasi rest n stagnant mode sja. tpi kasi biar org pgi tinguk2 la.. lagi pun bnyk iklan kawan2 sana kn :)

    all the best to RR :)

  8. NC:
    TQ.. itu nama tu gabungan nama sya sama hubby ba tu..hehehe..

    Oh, ko kasi stagnant dulu sementara waktu?.. oh ya kan..rehat2 dulu lah, nda lama lg ko due kan..:)

    Thanks..Gud luck to ur blogshop too :)

  9. Wow... female bloggers tend to have their own online shop ya ;D I'll check it out. It would be nice though if there are stuff for men... heehe.

  10. Congrats bah sa pi visit ni..ko kasih sa byk2 diskaun nanti hehhee..

  11. Congrats on your online boutique moi!!

  12. Gunsirit:
    Ok thanks :)

    TQ.... :)

    You add the FB page. We have men's shirt too:)

    Bulih ba kalau kau hehe

    Chegu carol:
    TQ moi..


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