15 July 2011

How to Turn Breech Baby

It was week 27. I went for regular visit at my gynae. He said my baby is healthy except that he is in breech position. As he told me it is common for baby in breech position at this early stage, because the baby still tend to move and turn by themselves into ideal position by week 36, i feel relieved.

I went for my regular visit again in week 29 and week 32. The baby position still the same. He didn't turned to any position at all. And doctor said, most likely this baby will not turn again (according to his experiences). 

So by week 36, if the baby still in the same position, we have to go for ECV procedure or make an option for C-section delivery.

Because normal delivery for breech baby is not encourage by doctor. Presenting breech baby for normal delivery produces risk that you might not want it to be happened to your baby.

I am so worried that the baby will not turn himself into normal position as i don't want to do the ECV and I am thinking of avoiding C-section delivery. 

Thank GOD, I came across this website ," The Final 6 Weeks of Pregnancy: Taking Care of Yourself and Preparing for Labor " from KK Mommies closed group in facebook. A caring mommy shared this website and I practiced the exercises method that stated in the article where it helps the baby to move into ideal position for birth.

 Pelvic tilts
Get on your hands and knees. Tighten up your stomach muscles and muscles in your bottom… this will arch your back up like an angry cat, at the same time “tuck your tail” like a scared dog. Hold for a few seconds, then relax back to a flat back (don’t let back sag down.). Repeat. At least 20 times a day. These strengthen your stomach muscles, which can help with back pain. They also help the baby move to an ideal position for birth.

Sit crosslegged
Sit on the floor, or elsewhere, “Indian style”. This helps open up and relax your hip joints which can help during delivery; it also helps baby get in the best position.

I started to practiced these exercises in week 33. And on top of that, i always sleep on my side and not on my back, most of the time at my left side. And thank GOD, on the 1st day of my week 34 (for your info, now I'm in week 34 and will turn to week 35 in 2 days) as I went for my regular visit at hospital, the doctor said baby's head now is in down position. 

Wow.. it was like miracle to me. Because before this the baby did not turned to any position at all since week 23, he stayed into static breech position for 9 weeks. Even the doctor predicted that the baby will stay the same position until week 36. Praise to God, finally our baby turned to normal position. I pray that our baby will keep this normal position until the labor process.

I care to share about this because some new mommy-to-be might have similar case like me. With prayer and some effort, you can make a change. :D

That is all for now and take care.
GOD Bless.


  1. ada jg sia buat ni Pelvic tilts ni tp jarang2 ni... besanya before tidur time2 baring tu sia buat.. itu pun kejap ja.. ;p

  2. Just:
    Ya, sama la kita Just. Before tidur and lepas bgn pagi sya buat..hehe.. :D

  3. owhhh good tips juga tu kan. glad to hear ur baby is back to normal position. take care stella!

  4. Stella,

    Semoga sihat dan ceria-ceria selalu. Semoga semuanya baik-baik saja.


  5. You take care Stella. Hope you and baby always in good health. God bless..

  6. I'm gonna read this back when my turn comes. Hehe! Take care, Stella!

  7. Chegu carol:
    ya, thank GOD. Ya bagus ni tips ni.. :)

    Thanks. Semoga semuanya ok :)

    Rose Ragai:
    Thanks Rose. Hoping tht too..:)

    Ya, bagus la annie. Gud tips ni..:)

  8. Hi Stella! firstly u look stuning on ur pregnancy! its a good tips ya~ thank God that ur baby back to normal position~

  9. Debrajill:
    Yes, just want to share the tips :)
    Thank GOD. :D

  10. Saya kena pesan oleh tu makcik2, supaya jaga cara tidur sebab boleh mempengaruhi kedudukan baby juga...

  11. Zezebel:
    Betul tu, cara tidur pun ada effect juga :)


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