21 July 2011

What Happened on Week 35 ?

Hello dear friends?.. How is your day so far?.. I am great here. Thank GOD i am still in great condition, though my belly getting heavier each and everyday and bedtime is never an easy thing these days. I guess our lil one is the reason i am going strong each and everyday; it is because of the excitement of welcoming him.. Praise GOD.. :D

I am in week 35 now. Will be turned to week 36 in 3 days, that is on next Monday and that is the day for me for a regular visit again with my gynae too. Hope all is fine.

Well, what is happening to Baby and Mommy in week 35?..  Here are according to Pitterpatter.com.my :-

What is happening to my baby?
Your baby currently measures approximately 45cm from head to toe and weighs 2.5kg. The baby continues to build fat deposit underneath her or his skin which will help with the body’s temperature regulation after delivery. The fingernail and toe nails are growing. Your baby’s eyes now are sensitive to light and will constrict or dilate accordingly.
What is happening to me?
The top of your womb is about one finger-breadth from your chest bone or is now reaching the chest bone. At this stage your baby, your baby is descending further down into your pelvis. This is called quickening. If you have experience breathlessness during pregnancy at this stage it would probably ease down as the baby descends down and presses less on your rib cages. 

Yes, i have experience breathlessness until now. But it seems ease down a little bit. And my feet starting to swell again for the 3rd time. My mom said if a pregnant lady's feet swell for the 3rd time, the delivery process is getting nearer. Don't know if it is true or not, just wait and see lah.. :) Even my hands also (especially fingers) are getting swollen too.

 My swollen hands and notice that my wedding ring sempit suda.. :P

 My swollen feet.. This is the 3rd time. Last time they swelled lasted 2 days only. 
This time it is going 3 days already and still swelling.

 Meanwhile, the preparation of baby's stuff is done. It just a small preparation only, maybe after lepas habis pantang, boleh beli lagi bah kan or minta tolong si hubby.. :)

So far here are the checklist of our lil one items:-
  • Crib -done
  • Mattress -done
  • Pillows -done
  • Blanket -done
  • Clothes -done
  • BPA free baby bottles -done
  • Diapers & Napkins -done
  • Baby Bath tub -undone (will do this weekend)
  • Baby shampoo/shower -done
  • Baby talcum powder -done
  • Minyak kayu Putih -done
  • Baby's towels -done
  • Pacifier -done
  • Baby tummy binder -done
  • Hats -done
  • Mittens and Socks -done
  • wipes/wet tissues -done

So, what's more to ready?.. Please give me ideas.. Minta tolong the blogger friends yg suda jadi mommy.. :D

The baby's stuffs..

I have packed things for hospital too. They are the barang-barang yang perlu di bawa ke hospital for delivery.. It's not finalize yet, but will keep on ready from time to time.. :)

The 'hospital bag'.. :D

Okay that is for now.. 
Will get hubby to shop for baby stuff again this weekend. Want to shop for baby bath tub and other things too for me.. :)

Thanks for visiting here. 
Have a fun and great weekdays everyone. :)



  1. Mcam lengkap sudah tu Stel..my fingers pun macam yours juga tau dulu. Tapi smpai skg mcm tu lagi. susah da mau tanggal tu ring. Dulu one week b4 my due kan my aunts ckap 1 kali lagi kaki bengkak pastu mau beranak sudah tu..btul juga la dorng ckap..nway, hoping you a safe delivery nanti.:)

  2. wah.. lengkap suda tu stel.. walaupun sy belum kawin.. tapi sy penah jaga baby dari umur seminggu.. (adik sy yang bungsu)hihi.. excited sy mo tengok tau.. mesti baby ko cute ni.. hihi..

  3. Saya awal2 sudah hubby suruh buka cincin, tapi cincin tunang saja, yang cincin kahwin saya jarang2 pakai..hihih

  4. Isabel:
    Ya ka..lengkap suda ka ni. Lega juga saya kalau ko ckp gitu.. :)
    Ya, susah suda mau tanggal ni ring, sama la pla kita. Betul kali org tua2 ckp gitu kan.. :) Thanks ah..:)

    Wow ada experience suda ko ni. Senang la nnti :D

    Aih, awal juga dia suruh hehe..:D

  5. well, i think the remains probably the Gripe Water. Before i use that for clean baby mouth, since baby didn't brush teeth. Use your one of your finger with small handkerchief that suitable, pour a bit at your finger tip then clean baby mouth slowly every morning. This also good for reduce ulcer (white spot) at baby mouth. I cant remember the product but should be a blue grape bottle liquid that taste sweet and its for baby. Can be bought from Pharmacy or Kedai Ubat Cina. I hope its helping u. Or more u also can google this gripe water.

  6. waaa bengkak oo jari2 ko.. sia dulu jari tngn nda bengkak. kaki yg bengkak time rayyan. time lily nda pulak.. btw, barang2 tu ok sdh. tp make sure bw lbh tu pampers p hosp sbb baby selalu ter'cirit'.. hehehe..
    brg2 ko lg stel mo kasi blog.. hahaha...

  7. same thing happened to my sis..so I asked her to remove the ring.. if not confirm tpksa putung tu ring kan, if ada special case.. uiks, ndak sabar da ni mau pregnant.. next yr mau 28thn sda umur sa.. adididh

  8. ring wise..dari bulan ke empat lagi sa nda dpt pakai sda o..hehe..smpai skg. harap2 nanti2 dpt pkai balik. :)

    bagus gia ko ni..lmbat bengkak itu kaki..sa dari bulan ke lima lagi.. swollen feet. yg skg ni..tambah basar..haha..tahan sja la..

    bah,, pelan2 kita a.. sama2 mau tggu2 sda kn :)

    im in week 37 today. atukoi...gementer juga la :)

  9. bah my suggestion for pampers beli tu Mamypoko or Huggies.

    Bah ko ready2 susu kambing. Org bilang baby lelaki ni cepat kena kuning ni based on my aunty2 punya experience la.

    Wah tu minyak kayu putih bah, is it burung kakak tua brand or Koala? Sebab i tried to cari di sini utk kegunaan sendiri ni just can find Koala brand ja ooo...

    Dulu when my aunty was preganant her first baby dari 4mths preg lagi kaki dia bengkak. after 1 week delivered baru kaki dia jadi mcm besa.luckily she's just fine.

    Bah,God Bless ar :)

  10. bnyk brg ready sdh tu.. tgl 1-2 brg sj lg mau beli tu.. x sabar jg o mau tgu ni.. :)

  11. wah good la sudah ready2, your preparation ok sudah tu. oh ya, u have ipad kan? jan lupa bawa pi hospital, while waiting (time blum sakit) u can spent time main game or anything just to keep u busy la, nnt keboringan. becus unlike mcm di tv, the pain will come later bukan trus2 sakit tu mo beranak, normally ada spotting la itu tanda mo delivery sudah tu, will take few hour before u will feel the "real" pain. siok pula tgk ko prepare remind of my time

    i took out my ring whn i was 6 mths preg. samapit mah.

  12. Nora:
    Hello Nora, thanks for visiting here. Oh, i don't really know about gripe water. Will find more info about it. Thanks for the sharing. :D

    Ya bengkak jari2 and kaki. All right, mau pack pampers lebih sikit la.. haha, next time story pasal stuff sya pula kan :P

    Bah, bulih suda ko pregnant tu. Cepat2 hehe..jan lupa blog out the good news. :D

    Itu bengkak kaki pandai hilang jg ba kan nnti.. Oh ko week 37 suda pula.. Bah sama2 la kita ni Nc.. ko dulu duluan kan.. Good luck k, all d best. And take care, prayer for you.

    Thanks for the diapers brand suggestion.:) Susu kambing mau di minum ka?.. And the minyak kayu putih saya beli koala bear punya. Ya, ramai juga yg dr 2nd trimester lagi suda bengkak kaki kan.

    me too dear, cant wait! :D

    Thanks for ur advice. Bagus juga kalau saya ada ipad kan hehe..Bulih main game sambil tggu mau deliver.
    Sya skrg baru mau buka ring.. :)

  13. Stell, Ko just ready2 ja mana mo cari tu Susu Kambing. At least once your baby delivered your hubby tahu di mana mo beli. My aunty punya baby kuning last year lpas bagi susu kambing trus ada ok sikit at least nda la kena tahan di hospital.Oh, tu susu kambing nanti mo bagi baby minum dlm 1 teah sudu kecik.

    Oh ya, brand apa ko beli feeding bottle. Mum said Avent bagus konon2 soothing. Oh sekrg susah mo cari Cap Burung Kakak Tua tu kan. Why don't you try yg Amway punya, my mom said bagus sebab teda chemical ntah apa nama dia tu..sa oun lupa but it's much better than Koala tu la..."Tropical Herbs Baby Oil Amway"...mcm byk pula sa sharing sdh kan...

  14. Wah macam saya pula inda sabar sa punya time nanti.. ;-D Hehe.. Roughly about 5 more weeks to go kan?

    Bah, have a safe delivery aa moi!

  15. Most of the item already complete for the baby, you might want to consider to get a babywearing gear such as ring sling or pouch so that tidak sakit tangan dukung baby and senang mo cover kalo breastfeed baby.:)
    As for the mummy punya preparation you need to get ready a hat and socks for yourself sebab after delivery your whole body would be feeling cold so a beanie hat and some socks is a must to bring along to the hospital.

  16. kalau bengkak yg biasa x pa la stel.. hilang juga tu dlm masa 3-5 days after give birth.
    And about your baby stuff, I think lengkap suda tu..Tapi mcm yg c just ckp, mmg kena bawa lbh pampes time p hosp sbb baby selalu "cirit"..
    Kalu baby kena kuning, ko mesti rajin kasi susu badan baru cpt hilang. Tu susu kambing membantu ja.
    One more thing, kelengkapan ko pun ptg stel..

  17. Hi Stella... Wow... Well prepare o kan sdh ko... BGS! Ko kena cukup rehat kio sbb kena kumpul tenaga untuk delivery purpose nanti... Mesti mau kuat spaya staring dapat kluar... Si Richard pun kena ready sbb dia bakal assist ko nanti untuk buat susu baby, tukar lampin@ pampers and etc... Hehe...

    Wow, mesti bertambah seri / happening rumah kamu nanti kan...

    I will pray for you and Richard to be strong for this moment... Be happy kio, don't worry... Everything will be okay... Yeahhh...

  18. hehhe.tunggu lah thn dpn.. di maktab x bole mengandung bei..hihi..

  19. halo, wah :) nda lama lg tu :) beg ko sendiri sda sedia?? dlu sya packing mcm pindah rumah, skali nda jg kena guna, dorg d hosp yg tulung smua ( rafflesia ) baju etc dorg yg kasi sedia.. cuma tym mo balik sda tu, dorg minta baju baby la.. :) sya pun bkn dpt mandi jg pastu.. 1-2 pasang cukup.. tp okay ba kalu pack smua brg, nda mo tertgl apa2 kan :)

    dulu sya pun bengkak tp masa 2nd trimester ja, trus okay sda :)

  20. Seaweed &Pumpkin:
    Ba nnti la sya survey2 mana kena jual tu susu kambing. Yg bottle susu sya pakai tidak stick to one brand. Sya beli pureen, nuby sama baby kiko. Yg psl minyak kayu putih, sya mmg mo pakai tu koala bear punya..mmg kami pkai trn temurun suda tu hehe.. Anyway, thanks for the sharing, nice of u.. :D

    I am sure ko pun tidak sabar. Tapi ko okay suda. Ada experience suda dulu for 1st kid kan..:) Thanks... :)

    Yes, true. The babywearing gear somemore. Hmm..will shop for it later..:) And thanks for the sharing, i bought socks for me already but hat belum lg la.. :)

    Ya betul, kelengkapan sya lagi hehe.. Tu la mau pack pampers lebih sikit p hospital, takut x cukup pula.. :) Saya mmg intend mau kasi b/feed ni baby sya nnti..:)

    Wah, thanks for your prayer. Ya, kena kumpul tenaga la ni..sama2 si richard hehe.. Ya, tu la..harap2 berseri la rumah kami nnti bila new member is coming..hehe.. U take care too.. :)

    Bah next year sya mo dgr good news dari ko hehehe..:P

    Kris and Nadia:
    Saya pack satu kali barang saya and baby dalam 1 beg. Saya bw sikit ja brg sya, maybe 2-3 pasang ja baju, and for baby maybe pun sama juga.. Lgpun skejap ja ba di hospital tu kan.. Nah kebetulan, sya pun mau deliver sana Raflesia Medical Centre juga.. :)
    Ko 2nd trimester bengkak kaki, sya pula yg 3rd baru bengkak.. besa la tu kan, lain org, lain dia punya kes..hehe :D

  21. this is cute :)

  22. lengkap suda tu stel..mcm complete set suda..teda suda yg tinggal..xlama lagi mo deliver dy ni stel..Happy Mommy to be yah...God Bless ur & family owez stel :)

  23. Ooo so this is what will happen on the 35th week... then I have to warn my future-wifey that she may experience some swelling and it's okay ;) wakakaa. I think so far.

    It seems you're doing pretty good, Stella. We, your readers all support and pray for you. Go go Stella ;)

    Oya, maybe you should consult the doctor regarding the wedding ring. Is it ok to leave it like that when you're swelling? I dunno a, just ask only. Noob ba sia.

  24. Hi stella.. Visitng u back.. ;)
    wow.. u in week 35 ady.. 5 more weeks to go.. :))
    when is the expected date of delivery yar?? :)

  25. Hi stella! Lama sia teda blog-hop sini. Wow! Can't believe you're in week 35 already.

    Anyway, just a thought. Have you considered getting a breast pump? I had problems feeding Alden last time cos he didn't know how to suck. So I had to use a breast pump. Hope that helps xxx

  26. Good information. :) Phew, nervous huh? Yeah I can feel it. Hehe..it's okay, you'd be all just fine. The baby will be fine. ^^
    I'll pray for you..& I'm waiting for you to post your baby's picture later. Weeeeeee!!! ^^

  27. I think you are well aware of things. You and your hubby + the new person in the family will be just fine. Count your blessings! & give thanks.

  28. V:

    Thanks!..ya tu la..nda lama lg :)

    Thanks! about the ring, sya buka suda.. Nanti la lepas deliver baru sya pakai balik. Thanks again for ur prayer.. :)

    The expected date is 24 august :)

    Ya kan breastpump lg sya blm beli.. will consider to buy tht..:) Thanks for the sharing! :) GBU.

    Ya, a bit nervous but a lot of excitement.. :) Thanks! will post baby pic later..:)

    Thanks! and thanks again for visiting here :)

    The Tame Lion:
    Thanks for the visit.

  29. hi dear! lm tia p sini :) btw, mo kasi tmbh ur list hehehe... wet tissue? u might need tht in future. N another thing, kain lampin baby tu... u might need to bring along p hospotal during delivery coz the nurse galakkan pki lampin kain for newborn spy senang mo check klu baby sdh kencing n poopoo. klu pki diapers susah sikit mo detect. btw, good luck ya stella :)

  30. geez... ada sdh pulak tu kan hehehee sorry my mistake, i guess i missed it :)

  31. Rahma:
    Thanks for ur advice. Ya wet tissue ada suda.. Oh itu lampin mau bw ka?..sya ndatau pula.. thanks alot sbb kasitau sya. Sya mau pack lampin la..hehe


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