28 July 2011


I've been planning to purchase this stuff for a long time already. And I'm dilemma to choose between those things. Hubby keep asking me which one i would like to have the most. Saya dilemma..dua-dua pun ok saya tingu.. :)
Ok, this time it's not about labor or pregnancy story ok.. hehe.. :P

It's about whether to purchase..



Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

These are opinion by friends in Facebook.. What say you?

Hubby said i have to choose either one only.  
[He asked me to choose either 1 only, maybe he intend to buy one for me..hehehe.. finger cross.. :P ]
Hmm..dilemma.. which one lah?.. 

Maybe i go for Ipad 2 because ramai orang cakap Ipad 2 lagi bagus.. 
Ya ka?.. Minta tolong sepa2 yg hebat pasal gadget ni.. :) 

Till then, have blessed weekdays.. :D


  1. Beaty:
    Nah kan beaty, ko pun Ipad..hehe!

  2. hubby pun mau kasi beli sia ipad... tp sia nda la dia minta apple.. yg penting tablet la.. sbb dgr2 ipad apple application dia smua mau kena beli bkn simply download. Not sure.. better check. hubby using samsung ace.. so far he is enjoying it. ba, fikir2 lg stel.. :)

  3. Just:
    Ya, sya dgr2 gitu la just. Bnyk application apple ni mau beli.. Mcm sya suka juga android. Org ckp senang lg guna android.. Adui!..fikir-fikir lg ni..adeh!

  4. Ipad! Memang complicated guna apple's stuff tapi inila masa utk explore lebih:) x juga semua bayar, yg pntg mesti jailbreak and dari installous dgn appstore,blh download jak applications yg free klu xmau berbayar ^_^

    Klu android mmg simple tapi kita bleh tnya orang yg guna android. Android senang skit faham bila diorang explain ^-^ lg2 ramai orang guna android skg..

    Ni suggestion semata-mata ^.^

  5. Mandak, you should get the samsung tablet. I've made a lot of observation and research between this two high-tech product. I've found that Samsung is more friendly user compared to Ipad. You can easily download everything using Android (samsung) for FOC.

  6. that ipad 2 looks more pleasing :D

  7. biar camner pun,tapi aku syak ini mesti kes ngidam ker aper...minta lar sup sarang burung walet ker aper..hihi

  8. thanks to wency... mmg plan mau grab samsung tablet ni.. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. ba stel.. jgn lmbt2 nnt itu offer kena tarik balik. hahahaha..

  9. which one will u use most? :)

    for me, i guess i'll pick samsung. Since i had a few unpleasant experience with apple iPod and its' company, i might be biased in choosing between those two. Haha!

    But it's up to u of course :).

  10. kalau ko mau hp baru yg serba canggih..must buy the samsung s II. im using the first version. siok juga ba itu android2 punya apps..tpi.. of cos this is just a hp in general. so screen kici..berbanding..iPAD :) which actually has different purpose lagi kn.. :)

    hp..bila2 ja ba adayg lebih canggih :) go for ipad..kalu sa la..hehe

  11. sa rasa klu sa kana bg free, sa mo tuna ipad..hahaha!

  12. Hmm I actually wanted to buy a new phone so for me, I would go for Samsung. Ipad2 you can't really bring anywhere you want, can la but having a good phone like Samsung is more convenient.

    How to say a, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is a necessity but Ipad2 is just for entertainment.

    But in your case, I think you would enjoy Ipad2 more. Banyak betul applications yang high quality :)

  13. Nowriz:
    Ya, sya pun ingat mau ipad..

    Walk the talk:
    Thanks for the suggestion.. Actually sya mau ipad ba ni..sbb handphone ada suda kan.. Tapi sya tingu android mcm sya mau juga..sbb handphone sya skrg yg biasa2 ja ba..haha!

    Wency Jelson:
    No, samsung tablet sya suda pernah pakai... If samsung tablet and ipad, i opt for ipad... Sebab screen ipad lg besar ba hehehe..:P And here i just want to choose whether samsung ace 2 or ipad..


    ghost writer:
    ala ko ni.. tak membantu langsung..hahaha..mungkin baby la yg mau main gadget ni hehehe..:P

    Actually sya suda pernah pakai tu samsung galaxy tab.. Dia punya screen kecil ja.. Ipad lg besar.. Actually hubby sya suruh pilih antara ipad sm tu handphone samsung ace 2.. Sebab dulu dia pernah ckp sama saya, mau tukar handphone ka?.. sya ckp mau samsung.. tiba2 dia offer ipad pula lg.. So sya bingung.. Kalau sya mau ipad, handphone x payah tukar baru lah, but kalau sya mau tu samsung galaxy ace 2, sya tukar handphone baru la tu maksudnya.. but if sya choose ipad, sya masi ada phone, means phone yg lama la..:P

    Of course i used more handphone..emmm.. bingung lg..aduyai...:P

    haha..yeay! ada kwn yg mau ipad juga..sama pikiran kita nc..:P

    i'm not considering samsung tablet here... :) It's between ipad or samsung galaxy ace 2. Btw,thanks for ur suggestion..:)

    wow... yes!..hehe

    hehehe..mcm ko paham ja perasaan saya...:P
    Thanks for dropping by!..:P

  14. I tag u in my blog, this post
    http://chipsmorebabe.blogspot.com/2011/07/giveaway-one-klik-one-present-by.html :) have a visit sis~!

  15. Hi Stella... Mau dekat sdh kan masa ko mau branak... Hehe... Nanti kasi share tu feeling kio...Hehe... Ermmm, pasal hp, sya surrender...

    Bagi sya, janji bule call baby sya dan family are more than enough... Bukan kedekut tapi ini apa yg sya punya pikiran... kesian kan... huhu...

  16. wah...mo planning beli ipad ah...indak pernah guna mana2 ni ipad..mo juga rasa guna saaatu..hee

  17. Walk the talk:
    ala..terlambat suda sya..aduiyai.. baru sya buka blog ni ari..adeh!

    Tidak apa ba, masing2 punya opinion..hehe..Mcm sya ni suka juga gadget2 ni..:D

    Nancy poh:
    Bah beli la saatu..hehehe..:P

  18. If I were you, I'd choose iPad..because.....it's cool! hahaha.
    Well the choice is all yours :)

  19. Aemy:
    I am thinking of Ipad juga ni hahaha..:P

  20. Im using ipad2 now.. So far it is the best yet im agreed that apple has many restriction in terms of applications..so i guess it is better to buy this gadget based on ur needs..lets say, u need it for surfing..so ipad sure the best. Fast and very friendly too. But in term of calling and sms for sure ipad is not applicable to tht functions.. One thing again, as for me who likes to watch mvie online..im a bit disappointed with apple.. They have restriction to flash player.. So have to jailbreak and so on la solutions dia.. Thats my point of view..anyway, have u decided?

  21. adrynna:
    Thanks for visiting here. I opt for ipad but samsung galaxy still in my mind..i guess i still need time to decide which of those two. For ur info, i like surfing.. not really into online movies. :D


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