17 July 2013

My Latest Progress

Hello dear readers,

I haven't update my blog for about 2 weeks. Wow.. it is quite a long period. I've been busy to complete my baking assignments. Thank you GOD for so far I managed to complete the baking works well.

And I discovered new poses in yoga too. I am so happy that I could perform few poses which I think it's really hard to do the first time I saw the pose.

The latest progress is the Mermaid Pose and One-legged King Pigeon Pose.

 The mermaid pose. I managed to do the Mermaid Pose on 1st try. I actually wanted to do the One-legged King Pigeon Pose, but I couldn't twist my hand. So, end up with Mermaid Pose. What a new progress though.. :)

 This is my 1st try for One-legged King Pigeon Pose. I couldn't twist my hand and shoulder to grab my toe, so I use a scarf as an aid.

 To my amazed, the next day (my 2nd try), I could grab my toe by myself. I am so happy! :)

I managed to do the Mermaid Pose, so I was thinking why don't I try to do the Standing Mermaid Pose. So, here's the Standing Mermaid Pose. This is my 1st try and I nailed it! :)

I am so happy that my body now begin to co-operate with yoga poses. The important thing is I have to train my body to perform yoga flow everyday. So that my body get use to it that lead it to make a way for a new pose. :)

There's a lot of benefit when you do yoga. I want to share with you a lot here but my lil boy is now woken up. Perhaps on my next entry.

So i end my post here. See you again.
Have a great week ahead. :)


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