10 October 2010


Hi everyone,
How's your weekend..? It's 10.15pm already. I'm getting ready to bed. But before I do so, i like to publish a post for today. It's 10.10.10.. a perfect date. Once in a lifetime. I am sure some of you may getting married today or celebrating birthday. So in that case, I guess this date might be a significant date for you to remember. I also want to take this opportunity to wish congratulations to our astronaut Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor for his wedding today. May both he and his wife will live happily ever after..

-Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Congratulations on his wedding on 10.10.10-

By the way, for me this date is just another Sunday. Nothing's much new. However, i set a new spirit in me for my attempt to lose weight. My determination of losing weight brought me to do some shopping..haha.. Yes, i shopped for jog shoes today. I bought a pair of jog shoes. It's for my jogging and workout activities. Don't laugh at me.. Hey, give me some support okay haha.. :)

-Trying my new jog shoes.. :) -

-Tightening the shoe lace-

-Tadaa..here you are.. look nice?.. :) -

-It costs me RM89.99 plus RM14 for a pair of sock-

-I bought the things here.. Bata Shop at CityMall, Luyang-

-It sells wide range of sport shoes, trendy and affordable.. :) -

Okay, as i stated in my last post, i like to share some info about the effective workouts for flat abs. I came across this Zuzana daily home workout in Youtube. It maybe hard for a beginner. But you can try it slowly by following your own phase. View video below for the workout by Zuzana.

So, how is it?.. Did you find it difficult?.. Well, I wanted to try this. Of course with my own phase and I'll upgrade it to another level slowly. So, wait and see if this workout works on me..hahaha.. Of course I'll let u know later.. :)

Zuzana also share some diet tips in her fitness blog. Here are the tips;

4 Diet Rules that will help you to lose fat fast and keep your muscles:

1.Aim for 5 meals a day. This means that you have to eat approximately every 3 hours.

2.Eat complete lean protein and a good size portion of veggies with every meal

3.Include some healthy fats into your diet

4.Earn your carbs.

To follow all of Zuzana's daily home workouts and diet tips visit her fitness blog

Beside workouts and jogging, you must keep watching of your diet. It can help you to lose your weight as well as generate adequate energy for you to do workouts.

That's for today.

I am going to bed now. Wish me some good sleep and sweet dream . Wish me luck on my effort to lose weight too okay.. hehehe..:)

Till we meet again in next post.

God Bless.. :)


  1. Whoah nice workout, should try this. ;)

  2. Jyn's: Yeay..let's try this..hehe..
    Who knows it might works on us..:)
    You have a nice day..

  3. Hancom oo tu pengantin lelaki. Ahakss...

    c asai beriya2 ni bw sia p jogging.. ada planning kunun nx yr.. hmm..

  4. wah, cantik owh ur shoes, make me wanna buy 1 for myself hehehe...yg lama punya rusak sdh bah tulah tu terus x termotivate mau pi jogging huhuhu...all the best k!

    p/s: wei, slim sdh pun ko mau kasi kurus lagi hehehe

  5. Just: Hancom ba gia..hehehe..wife dia pun doktor tu..:)

    waa..bgus la ada semangat gitu..bila lagi kan..:)

  6. Vera: Haha..beli, jgn nda beli.. Sya pun ada kasut d rumah, tp hubby sya ckp itu tdk ngam bw p jogging kunun..haha, tu la ada alasan mo beli baru..hehehe.. Lawa kan the color..sya suka..hehehe..:P

    p/s: manada slim..bnyk suda extra lemak d perut ni.. mau naik tangga rumah pun cepat penat suda..hahaha

  7. Wah, chiao2...nnt la sa lepas beranak br menguruskan diri balik...kunun...eheheh

  8. MemelJoan: Ba pelan2 ko sana..Ko nda apa ba tu.. exceptional.. hehehe.. Cat wait to see ur baby..:)

  9. Nice woh your jog shoes....love it!!

  10. Rosc: ba ko pun beli lah satu..sana citymall ni kedai dia..hehehe :P

  11. nice jog shoes, i want to get one too, that i can wear to work hehe..since i need to walk everyday. :)

    good info :)

  12. dreamChaser: ya, great!..get one for u..so tht selain p keja blh bw p jogging trus..hehe


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